Galactic Gladiators and me: SFR Galaxy Award Winners

I was beyond thrilled to hear that I’d won two fabulous SFR Galaxy Awards!

The Galactic Gladiators were in with a win. “If you are looking to be swept away, this series can’t be beat.”

And this one which made it a little teary: Most Awesomely Prolific and Prolifically Awesome. “Anna is my go-to author whenever I need to lose myself in a great story.”

Thank you to the lovely Marlene and the rest of the awards team. They’ve listed some fabulous winning books and they always keep the sci-fi romance love alive!

You can check out all the fabulous sci-fi romances that won here: SFR Galaxy Awards

Sci-fi Romance up for grabs including Hell Squad paperbacks, Gladiator paperback, and ebook of Through Uncharted Space!

Another of the judges, Lee Koven, is running a HUGE giveaway of books from the awards, including a bunch of mine. Closes on the 8th of Feb. Just visit here to leave a comment and enter: SFR Galaxy Awards Giveaway

11 thoughts on “Galactic Gladiators and me: SFR Galaxy Award Winners”

  1. Congratulations, Anna, for the well deserved awards!!! I whole heartily agree that your writing is awesome, and your books are what I most want to read!!

  2. So happy for you, Anna. You’re working so hard, as much as for your readers than you. I’m like a kid on Christmas morning whenever a new book comes back.

    Double thumbs up for you!!

    1. Thanks a bunch, Annie! It doesn’t always feel like hard work because I love what I do, and love that so many readers enjoy my books πŸ™‚

  3. Yay glad my vote counted. You deserve the awards for your hard work & commitment working even when on holiday. Your characters have hearts & minds. And your books have reasoned plots, for us to escape in. Well done Anna, you’ve earned your success. Long may it/you continue.

    1. Thanks so much, Lavinia! As I always say, I love what I do, and love that so many readers enjoy my books. Lots more ideas in my head, so plenty more stories to come πŸ™‚

  4. Naomi Gadison Vega

    Hi and I’ve been a fan of yours for quite some time I’m enjoying your Gladiator series that you had a hook I really enjoyed those books those books were really interesting I didn’t read them all yet I think I have two more butt out I think I am going to be stuck with you for a while.

    Thank you for all the sweepstakes you sent me so far no I didn’t do anything but thanks anyway I love the way you write I look forward to your next few books and if you’re looking for somebody on your Arc team I’ll be glad to do it spell see if you can start with you Gladiator series

    1. Hi Naomi! So thrilled to hear you are enjoying my books (especially those gladiators!) I have lots more books and giveaways on the way for my readers. My ARC team is currently full — so make sure you are on my mailing list because that’s where I’ll mention if any slots open in the future. Happy reading!

  5. I love your Gladiator series. The Man are so protective and loyal to each other. The have back stories of their own – most have been hurt and need a good woman to love them. The poster is sooooo gorgeous!!!! The new cover coming is exactly how you described the “lights” that make them what they are now. CAN’T wait to read the next installment. I REALLY hope you keep this series going on and on!!!!!! LOVE them!!!!

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