10 thoughts on “Hell Squad Covers and Teaser Trailer”

  1. Just finished my copy of Gabe. I really enjoyed it . Great characters and the author has a way of making you feel what they are feeling. My only complaint is I want the books to be longer. I wasn’t ready to let the characters go. Looking forward to reading the next book about Reed.

    1. Hi Joyce! Thrilled you are loving the Hell Squad gang. Reed is getting a final polish right now and will be out in about two weeks!

  2. Hi I love Hell Squad. I love the fact that the romance is in keeping with the book without taking it over if that makes sense. Hate to break the news to you but …… we NEED Reed now.

    1. So happy to head you love the Hell Squad!! And yes, what you said made sense. I work hard to balance the romance with the action. Just over a week until Reed arrives — out on the 22nd June!

  3. WOW OMG what a brilliant trailer it’s a bit of a torment though when you know the film won’t be following. They could so make these into films more PG as we girls have the imagination and your books to fill in the “blanks!”
    The new cover looks fab only down fall is the wait 🙁
    Love what you do so keep doing it.

    1. One day I would LOVE to see one of my books as an action movie, Elaina! A girl can dream (-: I’ll keep doing…don’t worry, and not long for Noah’s book now…less than two weeks.

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