The Phoenix Men are Fools for Love

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Science-fiction romance fans! For April, I’m participating in an awesome event with a bunch of other sci-fi romance authors (30!) sponsored by the SFR Station (THE place to find out your science-fiction romance news).

There are PRIZES! So for a chance to win gift cards and lots of books (including the first three Phoenix Adventures!) just keep reading and enter using the rafflecopter below and don’t forget to visit all the other great posts to see some other foolish sci-fi love stories.

The heroes of the Phoenix Adventures are dashing, courageous and of course sexy, but even they can be fools for love sometimes:

Fools for Love

Science Fiction Romance books and gift cards up for grabs!


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And don’t forget to visit the other great posts, click here to visit the SFR Station to see the list –>

11 thoughts on “The Phoenix Men are Fools for Love”

  1. Fo better or for worse, the “Big Misunderstanding” or “Hurt Feelings” can propel a story forward pretty fast. Plus, they are rollercoasters of emotions.

    1. Why thank you, Veronica. I wanted to have fun with it and I am having a blast writing it. I’ll be starting Nik’s story soon…

  2. I have read every word that you have written. My Kindle has a section titled: “Anna Hackett”. Your stories have taken me to other worlds and times. I have everything I could find that you have written. I wait with bated breath for the next. Thank You!!

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