Hell Squad: Cruz Art Reveal


It was a *very* close vote, but next up is Hell Squad’s second-in-command, Cruz Ramos.

Art Reveal: Cruz

Then her heart leaped. Cruz.

He landed beside Marcus and was saying something, even as his gaze scanned the area around them.

Okay, so the way the man was put together worked for her. No harm in looking. He was shorter and leaner than his teammates, although by no means soft. She wished she could see through his black body armor. Santha bet the view beneath would be just as fine as his handsome face. And oh boy, that was a hell of a face.


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[P.S. There is a Marcus and Elle image, but I thought we need to see Elle by herself before we see both! So once Elle has been revealed, the Marcus and Elle option will be back!]

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  1. Very awesome love the cards and reading hell squad in general 🙂 can read them all over and over lol way too many to love anymore to just pick one 🙂

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