Hell Squad: Gabe Art Reveal

The votes came in for today’s reveal and Team Gabe pulled out in front in the end. So today’s Hell Squad art reveal–selected by you–is big, deadly Gabe Jackson.

Gabe has a shaved head but I wanted to show a little bit of hair…but he may have ended up with a teeny bit more than he should. Consider this Gabe before he shaves 🙂

Art Reveal: Gabe

The doors to the infirmary burst open and Emerson turned. Gabe was being carried between two other men—Marcus, Hell Squad’s leader, and Cruz, the second-in-command. The muscular men had their arms around the bigger, taller Gabe. Thankfully, their black carbon-fiber armor had a built-in, light exoskeleton that helped with lifting, because at six and a half feet of tightly-packed muscle, she knew Gabe wasn’t light.

She stared at his blood-splattered face, her stomach clenching. Turbulent gray eyes looked back at her.

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16 thoughts on “Hell Squad: Gabe Art Reveal”

  1. I love the trading cards! They are so perfect and original! I’m only on Noah, but I love the series. Speaking of… back to reading for me! Thank you, Anna, for your amazing books!

    1. Happy reading, Jessica! Glad you love the cards — I’ve been so excited seeing my characters come to life in these amazing art pieces.

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