Hell Squad: Elle Art Reveal


Next up we have Hell Squad’s comms officer, Elle Milton. The woman on the other end of their earpieces, giving them support, and the lucky lady snuggling up with Marcus.

Art Reveal: Elle

His gaze traveled up Elle Milton’s slim figure, coming to rest on a face he could stare at all day. She wasn’t very tall, but that didn’t matter. Something about her high cheekbones, pale-blue eyes, full lips, and rain of chocolate-brown hair…it all worked for him. Perfectly. She was beautiful, kind, and far too good to be stuck in this crappy underground maze of tunnels, dressed in hand-me-down fatigues.

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Tomorrow will be the reveal of the artwork for Elle and Marcus together! And after that, I have a few more goodies to share.

Hell Squad Trailer


Hell Squad

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  1. Anna I’ve loved seeing the characters faces and personalities come alive over the last few days. Thank you for being the interactive author that you are! You are def my favorite author! Luv, Cindi

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