Hell Squad: Reed Art Reveal

Today’s Hell Squad art reveal is sexy former Navy SEAL and explosives expert, Reed MacKinnon.

Art Reveal: Reed

He was still wearing the bottom half of his black carbon-fiber armor, but he’d removed the chest plates, leaving him in a tight, white T-shirt that stretched over wide shoulders and left muscled, tanned arms bare. His tousled brown hair was streaked with gold. He radiated life and vitality, and the scent of him made her think of the sea.

His face was bold, with strong lines, and he had eyes the color of polished gold. A lion’s eyes. That’s exactly what she thought of every time she saw Reed MacKinnon—a healthy lion on the prowl for a sunny spot to lie in. Or prey to hunt.

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No need to vote today. Tomorrow will be the cover reveal of Elle, and the day after that, an image of Elle and Marcus together. So stop by again.

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9 thoughts on “Hell Squad: Reed Art Reveal”

  1. I love this artwork. The only problem I have with them is the books are not long enough. Lol. this latest one was awesome. I get so suck into books before I know it it over. It is like your favorite TV series and you wait impatiently for the next week to see the new one. Keep up the good work. Don’t bogged yourself down. Remember take a breath. You don’t know me bit I am very proud of all tour accomplishments. Your someone a new writer can look up to.

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