Hell Squad: Finn Cover Reveal and Signed Paperback Giveaway


Winner have been emailed. Congratulations: Winnie, Elizabeth C, and Semantha!


I have two fun things to share today…

Number 1 is for your viewing pleasure. Number 2 is right at the bottom of the post and includes me giving away some shiny new signed paperbacks!!

First up is a cover reveal. Hell Squad: Finn (our Hawk pilot extraordinaire!) is coming on the 9th August!! Less than two weeks. So without further ado, here he is (I just *love* this cover):

Hell Squad: Finn

Release Day: Tuesday 9th August

Hell Squad Finn OTHER SITES

Excerpt from Niko (featuring Finn)

Finn watched as Hell Squad and Squad Nine climbed aboard the other Hawk.

Looked like he’d have no passengers for the journey home. Lia had scrambled out with a shout about getting in the other Hawk with her drone.

Then he spotted a small figure running across the deck.

He sucked in a breath. Lia. [toggle title=’Click for More Excerpt’]

What the hell did she think she was doing? He moved his Hawk closer, until he was hovering just off the side of the alien ship. It took him a second, but he spotted the drone hooked up on some sort of tower structure not far from the drone killer nest.

The other Hawk moved toward the back of the ship, laying down laser fire. The raptors were firing back and the canids were loping in that direction.

They were trying to pull the aliens off Lia and her crazy mission to grab the drone.

With his pulse drumming, he saw her reach the drone. She climbed up on a box, but before she could grab it, the drone killer flew out of nowhere and straight into her. She fell the few meters to the ground, landing flat on her belly.

Finn saw the bird start pecking at her, clawing at her armor. She threw her arms over her head, trying to protect herself.

Dammit. He needed to help her. The other Hawk was busy keeping the raptors occupied. In a split second, he made his decision. Finn put his Hawk on auto-hover, grabbed his laser pistol, and leaped onto the deck a few meters below.

He rolled and then ran in Lia’s direction. When he reached her, he batted at the drone killer.

“Get off of her!”

With a screech, the bird flew up in the air and toward its nest.

Finn crouched. “Lia? Are you okay?

She lifted her head and nodded. She only had one small trickle of blood at her temple. “Boost me up so I can reach the drone.”

He grabbed her around her small waist and lifted her upward. He decided not to point out that his face was practically buried against the curves of her ass.

“I’ve got it!”

She held the drone out with a smile.

Then Finn spotted the drone killer racing toward them.

“Lia, watch out!” He shot at the bird, saw it veer away.

He heard raptor fire behind them. Finn spun Lia, trying to shield her with his body. Poison splattered across the tower structure in front of them. It caught the hovering drone killer in the chest.

With a God-awful screech, the bird flapped its now-dissolving wings and fell over the side of the ship into the ocean.

Finn ducked, pulling Lia down with him. “This way.” He led her around the nest until they had a straight run to his Hawk. “I’ll lay down some cover fire, and you run back to the Hawk.”

She looked like she was going to argue.

He pressed a finger over her lips. “No. Don’t argue, just run.” He released her and lifted his laser pistol.

As he fired, he saw her run, arms pumping. He fired at the incoming raptors and saw laser fire from the second Hawk spray across them. Thank God.

He was about to leave, when he heard a noise from the nest. Frowning, he looked inside.

And saw a tiny little drone killer chick.

Fuck. It was tiny and kind of fluffy. Suddenly, it leaped up out of the nest, and into his hands.

Then he heard raptor grunts from nearby, and the clink of a grenade as it rolled across the deck. Time to go.

Finn spun and ran towards his Hawk. The grenade exploded behind him, but he just kept running.

Ahead, he saw Lia climbing one of the ropes up into the Hawk. Finn jumped onto the railing and leaped off the side of the ship. He grabbed the rope, swinging wildly, and scrambled up.

Once he was aboard, he slammed the side door closed. He grabbed Lia by the front of her armor, dragging her up on her toes. “Never go into a combat zone again.”

She lifted her chin. “Screw you, Erickson.” Then she reached out, yanked him in close and kissed the hell out of him.

Before he could comprehend what was happening, she pulled back. “Now, get us out of here.”

Finn just stared at her dumbly, his body still reeling from that kiss. Her face was completely unreadable, and he had the most painful hard-on he’d had in a long time.

“Finn!” She slapped at his chest. “Get us out of here.”

He shook his head to clear it, and climbed into the cockpit. Below, he had a perfect view of where the nest had been sitting. It had been completely destroyed by raptor poison.

He touched the controls and the Hawk shot forward, away from the alien ship. He let out a harsh breath.

Then, Finn felt a movement on his chest. He looked down…and saw the drone killer chick pop its head up out of his pocket.

It chirped at him.

Ah, hell. He shoved it back down into his pocket. He didn’t have time to deal with it just yet. Lia climbed into the copilot seat.

“Mention that kiss and I’ll deny it,” she said.

Finn ignored her and fell in with the other Hawk. Time to head home.

He wasn’t going to think of that kiss. Nope. Not once.

He was not going to think about soft lips, a sleek little tongue, and that sweet honeyed taste.

Nope. Never. [/toggle]

Signed Paperback Giveaway


Super excited to announce that I have more books available in paperback! Three new Hell Squad books, Among Galactic Ruins and the first two books in Treasure Hunter Security!

To celebrate, I’ll pick THREE lucky winners. They get to pick the paperback of their choice from the ones below, which I’ll sign and send. International entries welcome.

To enter, just leave a comment on this post and tell me which paperback you’d like and why!

Giveaway will run for one week and the winners will be notified via email. Winners will be chosen randomly. Void where prohibited.

And if you’d like to grab your own copies of the paperbacks, here are the links. I also have some pretty little adhesive bookplates. If you’d like me to sign one for your paperback, just send me an email!

Undiscovered OTHER SITES


(Treasure Hunter Security #1)









(Treasure Hunter Security #2)





Among Galactic Ruins OTHER SITES


Among Galactic Ruins

(Phoenix Adventures #0)





Hell Squad Roth_800



(Hell Squad #5)





Hell Squad Noah_800



(Hell Squad #6)








(Hell Squad #7)



332 thoughts on “Hell Squad: Finn Cover Reveal and Signed Paperback Giveaway”

    1. Thanks, Chris! I have a huge soft spot for Marcus. His book isn’t in the pic but I do have some of his paperbacks. So if you win, he’s all yours (-:

    2. It’s hard to say which of your boss are the best when they are ask awesome. My favs ate the HE’LL SQUAD series. You put your readers right in the middle of the action. I check regularly for new reads from you. These books look awesome from the amazing covers to the amazing stories inside. I just want to day PICK ME……PICK ME. but if not I will still get all your books, they are great.

    3. It’s hard to say which of your books are the best when they are all awesome. My favs are the HE’LL SQUAD series. You put your readers right in the middle of the action. I check regularly for new reads from you. These books look awesome from the amazing covers to the amazing stories inside. I just want to day PICK ME……PICK ME. but if not I will still get all your books, they are great.

      1. Thanks, Barbara! So happy you love the Hell Squad gang (-: And thanks for your kind words. Good luck with the giveaway.

  1. Love the cover for Finn. Now I need a Finn of my own…just sayin’. Can’t wait to read the new book. School starts back on Monday and all the noisy monsters will be gone most of the day. Blessed peace and quiet.

    1. Mine are back at school/daycare now, Chera! My house is sooo quiet on school days, so I understand (: Glad you like Finn and he’s coming your way very soon!

  2. Undiscovered for me!!!! I love hell squad and the Phoenix adventures- I’m a sci fi junkie. But my first crush was Indiana Jones and the THS series is ticking all my history buff boxes!!!!!

    1. So, so pleased to hear that, Nikki!! And I have to say the colors on the Undiscovered cover look fabulous in paperback! Morgan’s story will be the next THS book — stay tuned for more history adventures (:

  3. I would love any of the Treasure Hunter Security books because I love each of the locations where they are set, I love the way there is fact woven into the fiction, and I love the main characters in each book. The girls aren’t whiny or wimpy, but are strong, and the guys are too. Plus I love that supernatural element that shows up in each book.

    1. So thrilled to hear that, Carey! I am really enjoying the THS series and all the historical research. I never planned the supernatural element…it just crept in as I was writing!

  4. Hi Anna,
    I would like Undiscovered because I haven’t read this series yet and the guy on it is totally hawt. If the book is a series I like to start from the first one.

  5. I absolutely adore your Hell Squad Series and love a paperback copy of Roth. I truly appreciate stories about sexy, alpha men and the strong women who love them.

    1. Roth it is! Thanks so much, Melissa — I am so happy you love the Hell Squad alphas and their heroines.

  6. Shaw is my favorite….I waited impatiently for his story to come out and kept grinding my teeth when I had to wait. Patience is not one of my virtues.

  7. I’d love to win amoung galactic ruins. My favorite type of read. And this would make a great early birthday present for my 50th bday

  8. Anyone of them I loved every book of yours I’ve read!! But if I have to choose Undiscoverd please! Hope your neck of the woods is cooler than mine in California enjoy your weekend!

    1. Undiscovered it is, Carrie! Yes, it’s winter for us so the weather has been lovely and cool (for a change!) Hope it cools down for you soon.

  9. I would go for the Phoenix Adventures #0, because it’s #0. I can get in at the beginning and exercise my patience as I calmly wait for the next in the series. Yes, I’m laughing at that bit of ridiculousness. It’s hot and I think I’m delirious. That’s the one that’s calling to me though and I always follow my instincts, unless they differ from my heart in which case I let my head silence them both.

    1. Hope you cool down soon, Princess! Lots of Phoenix Adventures to enjoy, so I think that’s a good choice (-:

  10. Yummy I love all your covers… Hmmm If I win, I’d like to have Uncharted (Treasure Hunter Security #2) because I have the first book so of course I need the second book. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of one of your books.

  11. I love Shaw and Claudia. All your books are so good, it’s hard to choose. I love having that problem! But Shaw and Claudia span the entire HS series, and have some of the best moments, so Shaw. Keep writing Anna!!!!

      1. Thanks, Anne! Glad you love Hell Squad and Finn’s cover!! And yes, Shaw and Claudia have some great moments (:

  12. I’v enjoyed the Hell Sqaud series immensely. I’m looking forward to the newest installment. I looking forward to reading another one of your book series but haven’t chosen one yet. Thank you for your writing ability and giving me a little down time to read. Julie Sherman @ 737-1178

    1. Thank you, Julie! Super pleased you’re enjoying Hell Squad and I hope you enjoy Finn when he comes out. Well, if you win this giveaway, you can pick a book from one of the other series to test them out!!

  13. I would say Marcus because it was the first sci fi book I had ever read, but if I have to pick one of these it would be Shaw. After I read Marcus I couldn’t wait for Shaws story.

    1. Happy to hear that, Lexie! I’m just finishing off the latest Phoenix Adventures book — they are always SO fun!

  14. I love every one of your books I’ve read (though have to admit to an especially strong affinity for the barbarian books.). The Hell Squad books are amazing, and thy he first of your books I read. Would love a copy of Among Galactic Ruins since really loving this series. Thanks for sharing your gift with the world.

    1. Aww, thank you so much, Pat. Oh, so glad you love my barbarians (: And I have a new Phoenix Adventures story coming soon (with Dare Phoenix).

  15. Therese Cunningham

    I would like to have Roth. There is just something about Roth Masters that in real life would leave me speechless.

  16. Do I have to pick just one. Marcus is the thing that made me start reading the series but I think I have to pick shaw!! The Mr. Bad sniper .

  17. Bonita Fillmore

    I’d like “Among Galactic Ruins”. I love your Phoenix series. Besides who could pass up a galactic hero on a distant planet who wears a cowboy hat!

    1. Hi Linda! Glad you’re excited for Finn. A few more Hell Squad books yet — we have the Squad Nine and Berserkers boys to hear from yet!

  18. Like Chris, I’m a huge Marcus fan – and also smitted with Cruz, Gabe & Reed. Great, engaging series, so am spoilt for choice!

    I’d love to receive Undiscovered (Treasure Hunter Security) (Volume 1) because I’ve read everything else you’ve written and don’t know if I’ll last until Finn’s release 😉

    Thanks for your writing & your website – only fan site I actively follow.

    1. Oh, thank you, Isabela! I am so, so happy you enjoy Hell Squad, my writing and my website. I try to always give my readers interesting things to read — in my books and on my blog. I think you’ll enjoy Undiscovered! Good luck.

  19. I loved Unexplored ,I got a thing for the strong silent brooding type .I picture Logan as the type I guy I could fall head over heals for. Actually I love all the guys you have written about so far ,so it will be hard for me to choose…unless you got a certain pair of brothers from Hell Squad 3 hiding around I would be happy with whatever you choose if I win . LOL

    1. The Rahia brothers are coming, Dawn…I promise (: Glad you loved Logan too — nothing like a tough, grumpy hero! I should have Logan’s paperback ready soon, so I’ll have to do another giveaway then to celebrate.

  20. Shaw! Or, you know, any Hell Squad book. I’m catching up. Every time I finish one, I think ‘This is my favorite.’ Then, of course, there’s the next book.

  21. I would like the book, “Undiscovered”, because it is one of the few books by Anna Hackett that I haven’t read. I LOVE your books, Anna!

  22. I’d love to have a signed copy of Undiscovered. The first book in any series is special but when it’s the first in one of my favorite series of all time, it’s a must! Don’t get me wrong, I totally adore aliens or at least the good kind, but sadly, I probably won’t ever meet one so give me ex-navy Seal Declan Ward of Treasure Hunter Security or Marine Staff Sergeant Marcus Steele of Hell Squad! * double swoon* lol..

    1. I agree, Judy — the first book in a series is always special. And you have excellent taste in heroes (:

    1. Oh, that’s so awesome, ML! I have a few readers who share my books with their daughters — nothing could make me happier (:

  23. I would love to have Undiscovered! This particular series is fascinating with all of the geographical and historical tidbits – and of course, the romance! I’d like to send this book to my mother and get her hooked to your writing like I am lol.

    I do also love Hell Squad and your Phoenix/ space travel books!! <3 Tough choice!

    1. Hi Rebecka! So pleased you’re loving Treasure Hunter Security. I’ve been chatting with a few readers about doing some blog posts on the real history behind each book. I just haven’t had the chance to put any together! If you win, I hope you’re mother enjoys some sexy former Navy SEALs (;

  24. I love the Hell Squad series, it brings to life realistic characters that touch your heart. I love each one of the series I have read. Thank you for sharing a part of yourself.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Iaisha! They mean a lot to me. I am so grateful that the Hell Squad gang have touched so many readers!

  25. Brooke Spradling

    Shaw, his journey was fantastic. He fought for his love and he proved just how much he loved her in so many ways.

  26. Omg!!!!!!!! I absolutely love love love this cover and I neeeeeeeeeeed Finn in my life!!!!

    Shaw is my book choice!

    1. Hi Kyrene! I thought you’d be happy to see Finn! Just something about this cover… He’s coming very soon.

  27. Wow I would be happy with any of the Hell Squad books, I love the series and would really enjoy being able to say I had a copy autographed by the author, sent to me by the author.
    Hell Squad is so fun to read imagining the future and aliens attacking earth. All these hot guys and gals working to save humanity.

    1. Super happy you love Hell Squad, Debbie!! This series started out as a short story that exploded. I’m grateful everyday as I love writing it and love that so many readers love it too.

  28. I love Among Galactic Ruins. The Phoenix brothers series is the best futuristic series I’ve read and I’m hoping you are writing about Dare next please.

    1. Hi Frances! Oh, I am SO happy you love the Phoenix Adventures. You’ll be pleased to hear that I am currently finishing work on Dare’s story right now!! He’ll be coming soon (:

  29. Hi,
    Would love a copy of undiscovered as a signed copy. Simply because the first book in a series is usually the best as it sets the tone for all other books and characters to come.

    I read my first Hell Squad book about six months ago and since then I have been hooked on your writing and can’t wait for each instalment.

    So honestly since I’m a total book hound having a signed copy of a book from one of my favourite authors would be amazing ?

    Please choose me ❤️

    1. Thanks, Lisa! The winners are picked by random…so keep your fingers crossed! So glad you love Hell Squad, hope you enjoy Finn’s story, and I think you’ll enjoy Undiscovered too.

  30. i would like Among the Galatic Ruins It was the first of the Phoenix books and I really enjoyed learning about them and how they met there wifes. Sadly i won’t get to meet any of the wonderful men you write about or meet you because i live in Alabama and hardly any of you all come down here for book signings or stuff. But any book would be fine with me i love all your books

    1. Hi Margaret — glad you enjoy the Phoenix Adventures! Living in Australia means my opportunities for book signings are very limited, but I’ll try to do some more giveaways of paperbacks and I’m offering signed bookplates that readers can stick in the front of their own paperbacks.

  31. Christal Bellavance

    I like Among Galactic Ruins. It is the prequel to the series The Phoenix Adventures and I’ve always had an interest in archeology.

    1. Me too, Christal — I wanted to be an archeologist when I was little. At least I get to write my own archeological adventures now (:

  32. I’m torn. I really like all of your books so if I happen to win could you just close your eyes and randomly pick one? Just surprise me! Lol
    Each one has it’s special merit so I’m equally passionate about them all 🙂
    I can’t wait to see Finn fall!
    Thank you!

    1. I’ll let my son pick one for you, Terry! Glad you love them all (: Hope you enjoy Finn’s story — he takes a big tumble! I didn’t make things easy for him…

  33. I love all your books so I am realllyyy torn on which I one to choose. So since the THS is the newest I will go with Uncharted.

  34. Hi Anna! I have 17 of your books in my Kindle and can’t decide which series I love best. I love Hell Squad as much as your new Treasure Hunter Security series. Also the Anomaly Series and The Phoenix Adventures series.

    1. Well, I am super happy to hear that, Mary! So glad you enjoy all my series. If you win, you’ll have to choose though (-:

  35. My first Anna Hackett read was Marcus so I have a very special place in my heart for Hell Squad. Then I picked up a Phoenix adventure book and fell in love with all of them. Needless to say the same has happened with the new Treasure Hunters Security series. Just when you think the stories can’t get any better a new one comes out and proves you wrong… they just keep getting better and better. I can’t wait for Finn and Lia’s story.

    1. Thank you, Lizabeth! With each new series, I bite my nails, worried if readers will like it… I must be doing something right (: Honestly, I just write the action-packed stories I love. Hope you enjoy Finn and Lia!!

  36. Poor Adam gets no love:(
    Since I love a sexy Navy Seal and photography is my passion, I’d have to say Uncharted wins!
    p.s. love the cover for Finn-but come on, where’s the fuzzy chick?:)

    1. Adam’s paperback is coming! Working on it now. I’ll just have to do another giveaway when it comes out! LOL on Finn’s cover…funnily enough, I couldn’t find the right picture of an alien chick!!

  37. I would love the book Uncharted! The reason why is simple, with Hell Squad amd Phoenix Adventures you’ve taken me on one fantastic journey after another and I’m all for going on another journey with this new series, that I haven’t had the chance to start yet.

    1. I would love the book Uncharted! The reason why is simple, with Hell Squad amd Phoenix Adventures you’ve taken me on one fantastic journey after another and I’m all for going on another journey with this new series, that I haven’t had the chance to start yet. ….. just an addition to my above post ?…..Should have mentioned Finn’s cover! Its magnificent! As with all your covers!

      1. Thank you so much, Amber. The reason I write is to entertain and inspire with action-packed adventures (-: And SO glad you love Finn’s cover.

  38. What is adhesive bookplate?
    And I would like any book u would like to give me because they’re all awesome. ❤?

    1. Cheers, Kathy. The bookplate is a rectangular sticker that I can sign and readers can stick inside the front page of a paperback. I just got some made up.

  39. I’ve enjoyed several of your books/series but I gotta go with Undiscovered. I’ve always been a huge Indiana Jones/treasure hunter fan.
    Love the cover for Finn. Thanks for the chance.

    1. Thanks, Ann! Glad you’ve enjoyed lots of my books and series. Yay for Indy and treasure hunters (: Oh, and glad you like Finn.

  40. Ohhh it’s a tough choice! I love Undiscovered, the whole hidden treasure. Hidden city. I also love your Hell Squad series my favorite (for now) is Shaw. I love the dynamics with Claudia.

    1. If you win, you’ll have to pick one, Winnie (-: Shaw and Claudia are so good together. And so glad you liked my hidden oasis city!

  41. Well here I am posting from the other side of the world! Its still Friday the 29th here in Florida, USA so since I’m technically posting first I think I should win! (wink, wink!!!) Such a hard choice, Marcus was my intro to you, so he has a soft spot in my heart, but there is something about those Phoenix boys. So, My choice would be “Among Galactic Ruins”. thanks for the opportunity to win one of your smashing books!

  42. Marcus!!! It’s the start of my favourite of your series and it’s based in Australia, the best country ever!!! Lol. ?

  43. Among Galactic Ruins has that cowboy cover look but when I was reading the book, the hero is a spy and made me think of Indiana Jones type of hero. How can I not go for that type of hero and the best part is that the name of the hero is Damon. I’m sold.

  44. I love the Hell Squad series! To me, evidence of a good book is when I reach the end and say, “Is that all??? I’m not ready to end it yet…” Each of your books has elicited that response. Thank you for sharing your wonderful imagination!

    1. It makes me SO happy to hear that, VL! I say a good story is too short…doesn’t matter how many words it has.

  45. E.G. Fox (Author)

    After I read my first book by you, I had to try a few others! I got hooked by the ‘Hell Squad’ series, so if I’m a winner, I’d LOVE a signed copy of ‘Roth’. I mostly read ebooks now, but even with your signature, I’d read THIS page turner… LOL! You do an absolutely great job of combining scifi, romance & adventure. And it doesn’t hurt that you do all the right things to get a finished story that’s engaging, interesting as hell (pun intended), fun, sexy, a reader doesn’t want to put down & never wants the story to end. I’m serious when I say that I would really love to see this series get turned into a TV series, as long as they get everything right in the conversion!
    Thanks so much for the time and effort you put into all your works. It shows in the results, I’m a big fan, and love reading your books!
    Not gonna put my website below – this post is for YOUR books!
    You go, girl… 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely words — they mean a lot of me. And they keep me writing when the going is tough!! Thrilled you love my books. I would *love* to see my stories on TV or the big screen one day — an author can dream! And Roth is a fab choice for paperback (:

  46. I fell in love with Marcus, and the series. It was so different from all the other romance I had read. Now I wait eagerly for new releases.

  47. Hi Anna, Love Finn’s cover I am loving all your series, so it is very hard for me to choose. I am going with the first book I have ever read of yours Marcus
    Thank you for continuing to entertain us with your awesome books.

    1. You are so welcome, Sharon. I love writing more stories and am grateful every day for the amazing readers who enjoy reading them. So glad you love Finn’s cover!!

  48. Love all your books. While I’m recovering from my heart operation I’m sitting back relaxing and reading all your books again. Love the new cover for Finn. But my book choice is Marcus its what got me started on all your books. Your the best. Looking forward to read more of your stories.

    1. Lol not sure about you but most of these have my heart breaking at least once a book… Are these the best series to be reading after surgery??? 😀

    2. Hi Jodi — hope you’re recovering nicely from your operation! Glad to hear my books are part of the recovery process (: And super pleased you like Finn. And I have some paperbacks of Marcus, so if you win, he’s all yours!

  49. Finn’s looks amazing! The gray shirt he’s wearing is so perfect.

    And I’ll pick Shaw! ;-). I wasn’t sure if this was a separate giveaway from the FB post

  50. What a fun new cover and giveaway. If I were to win, I’d love a copy of Among Galactic Ruins because who can resist a Fabergé egg? Happy writing!

  51. I’d choose Undiscovered as it’s book one and I like reading in order, even if they’re standalones! I’ve heard great things about you and am excited to read your books!

  52. Hi Anna
    I would like to win the first book in the THS series, Undiscovered. I am intrigued by it and I’ve read a couple of your books and plan to keep on doing so. I am simply amazed at your creativity and volume of work. You go girl!

    1. Thanks so much, Kate! The encouragement keeps me writing. I love writing my stories and I’m never short of ideas (-:

  53. I have to say that the Hell Squad series is one of my absolute favorites and I love the new cover! Can’t wait for the 9th!! It’s hard to choose because I love all of your books so I’ll leave it up to you Anna…there is no wrong choice! Keep them coming because I know I’ll love it. Take care.

    1. So, so pleased Hell Squad is one of your favs, Dawn, and you like Finn’s cover. He’ll be here before you know it. And I have *lots* more stories planned (in Hell Squad and other series!) so stay tuned. Oh, and if you win, I’ll get my son to pick a book for you (;

  54. Peggy Sue Darrow

    I fell in love with the hell squad, and now I am Hooke on the Phoenix ruins set..I would love to have any of them honestly.

  55. If I won I would pick all any of the Hell Squad books. I first read Hell Squad Marcus and it was love at first chapter. Not only are the character in this book smoking hot male/female the rest of the story is amaze ballz. Alot of books like this are all sexy and not a good back story but this is DIFFERENT!!.!.!. The story in the Hell Squad series is beyond interesting. The way human kind is being wiped out and being experimented on or killed and then you have kick ass and beyond awesome men and women who give their all to fight for Earth. Each book has you on the edge cheering on the squads and making you want to be part of the fight. This is why this series is amazing you actually want to be a part of the story not just in vision it.

    1. Thank you so much, Maribel! You’ve left me beaming from your wonderful words about Hell Squad. I *love* writing this series and I just love that so many readers want to live in the Hell Squad world (even with the invading aliens!!)

    1. Hi Donna — Happy 21st Wedding Anniversary for the 9th!! What a wonderful occasion. I am so glad you enjoy Hell Squad — your words made me a bit teary (-:

  56. I’d go for the #0 Book so I could start the series off right. I just bought the boxed set of the last three books and I think I’d love reading them all in order.
    Plus, being a giant nerd, I love science fiction!

    Enjoy your holiday!

    1. I always like to read in order too, LO — although the Phoenix Adventures are mostly all stand alone, so lots of readers have entered the series in all different places. And science fiction nerds are always welcomed around here!!

    1. Well, he’s kind of a spy-turned-reluctant-treasure-hunter, Patty, not a cowboy. But hopefully you’ll still enjoy him (;

  57. sherry westendorf

    I would love to get Roth- Hell Squad. But your books are always good ones. I have read many of them. Thank You

  58. Shannon Bratton

    You have the best covers for your books! I love all your series, but have a special fondness for Hell Squad. I would love a copy of Shaw. Thank you for the chance!

    1. Thanks so much, Shannon! I put a lot of effort into what I want on each cover…one of those tough author jobs of staring at pics of bare-chested guys (-; I also have great cover artists!

  59. I’m a “start from #1” person, also. I’d like to win _Undiscovered
    (Treasure Hunter Security #1)_ … start of a new action series; what more can I say.

  60. This email has just made me day,so looking forward to the 9th! Will be starting the 3rd week of Summer holidays here in Cornwall so will provide alittle escape after bedtime 🙂
    I love the Hell Squad series, I picked up Marcus free in a mass ebook freebie day and from reading it I was hooked! I love the romance, the edge of your seat action it’s all just wow! I haven’t had a chance to read any of the other series yet,but I’m sure they are all amazing! Thanks for all you do! ( I hope this is cheating, I did enter on your Facebook page too,totally understand if you don’t throw my name in again) i choose Noah there because I loved the way he and his Dragon fought each other but discovered they were made for each other! Also he’s hot and intelligent,he saved the Blue Mountain people and The Dragon is just a woman so worthy of love! Thanks for the chance,so looking forward to more from this series :))

    1. Hi Natasha! Not cheating! This is a second giveaway open to everyone (-: And I am so glad I can provide some more action-packed escape for you over your holidays. Excellent choice of Noah and his Captain Dragon!!

  61. Decision, decisions decisions. This is hard. If i must choose then it would have to be the very first book of yours that i read. Phoenix series is the one I will opt for. I have all of the books you have written and you have your very own flash drive just in case and i really have no doubts that you will fill it up.

  62. Melissa Korostin

    Roth!! I bought the first 4 in paperback cause I always buy a back up copy of my fav books for when the apocalypse happens!!!

    1. Woot! Well, you definitely need Roth next, Melissa!! (; And you always need to be prepared for an apocalypse!

  63. Crystal Hudson

    I love that Finn cover–I’ve been waiting for his book for quite a while! But I really love an earlier book of yours that I read almost a year ago, Return to Dark Earth. Niklas is a really yummy Alpha sort who is also an astro-archeologist. The book is full of my faves: action, adventure and history, not to mention a passionate couple with a hero with brawn and brains and a heroine who can hold her own with him. Plus it’s a sci-fi romance that even includes Earth. (But Undiscovered would be my second choice!)

    1. Thanks so much, Crystal. Glad you love Finn’s cover and are looking forward to his story! I have a few readers who love Nik and Nera’s story. I don’t have Return to Dark Earth as a paperback yet but a few readers have asked for it, so it’s on the To Do list!

  64. This might be repetitive, but Marcus, as this was the first book I read by you and I was hooked. I love all the others as well. Its romance but with so much more. When I start one of your books I can’t put it down until I’ve read all of it and then disappointed when I finish as I have to wait till the next book is out. But when the wait is over it’s always worth it. I agree with a previous message would love to see this on screen. I love science fiction and I think hell squad has all the ingredients to turn it into a series.

    1. It’s not repetitive at all, Av! I never tire of hearing that readers love Marcus (-: We’ll keep our fingers crossed that someone turns up wanting to put Hell Squad on the big screen!

  65. Cynthia Powers

    I have to pick only one?! LOL. Noah, because I love it when opposites attract. Although I wouldn’t mind those hot treasure hunters, either!

    1. Yes, only one, Cynthia — I’m mean like that (-: But only for the paperback contest — you’re allowed to love all of them! Noah, it is!!

  66. Among Galactic Ruins just because I like the title. Lots of times, that is what gets me into a book or keeps me out of it.

    1. Glad you like the title, Susan! Yes, titles and covers are usually the first thing to catch the eye. Good luck!

  67. Wonderful cover for Finn. If I were lucky enough to win I’d pick Among Galactic Ruins because I just love the fact it has Phoenix in the series name and has a cowboy on the cover. Such a dichotomy intrigues me (besides what woman can resist drooling over a topless cowboy?)

    1. Thanks, Ilona! The hero of Among Galactic Ruins is more reformed spy turned treasure hunter, but there are plenty of bare chest moments (-;

  68. Undiscovered because the cover is just so H.O.T. plus I haven’t read it yet! Did I mention the cover is hot?

  69. I love all of the covers and am now a great fan of all your work! It’s all so entertaining! But sitting here in England on a grey, very rainy day (which is supposed to be our summer!), I would choose Among Galactic Ruins – it totally suggests hotter climes and, well, there is just something about that hat!!!

    1. LOL, Sandra! Yes, there is something about that hat (-: And since Among Galactic Ruins is set on a distant desert planet, I think it would warm up your gray, rainy day!!

  70. I love the Hell Squad Series. I have a hard time choosing which person I like the most. Markcus and Roth that stands out. All all the women in series is badass. This could be a movie or Tv series. I am starting on your other series. Your amazing author. I love your writing. It is easy and fun to read. I am writing my first book and I hope that I can be effective writer like you.

    1. Tabatha, I would love to see Hell Squad on the screen…maybe one day (: So pleased you enjoy my books and all the best with writing your first book!! Just keep writing, no matter what. That’s the only way to learn and improve. Good luck!

  71. I’d like a copy of Undiscovered. My library is all digital now and I miss loaning copies to friends. If I had the first book in a series I could loan it out and get my friends into what I’m loving reading!

    1. Hi Helen — my library is all digital as well, but I do have a few paperbacks purely for collection purposes (-: What a great idea to loan a copy to friends! Good luck!

  72. Noah! I love the pacing and tension in this book. Can’t wait for Finn – Hell Squad books are just soo good.

  73. I love the Uncharted series, Indiana Jones meets Lara Croft in the first book. Can’t wait to keep reading them as they come out.

    1. So glad you’re enjoying the Treasure Hunter Security series, Linda! I’m having a blast writing that series.

  74. Roth is definitely my favorite, although I love all the Hell Squad & Phoenix Series. I like strong female characters, and even stronger men – all with a soft spot of their own. You are the author that made me give sci-fi romance a chance. And ouf! There are some sexy men out there!

    1. Oh, I’m thrilled to hear my books convinced you to give sci-fi romance a chance, Annie! Even more thrilled you’re enjoy my series (: And Roth appears to be a favorite around here!

  75. I started off with Time Thief and Winter Fusion, then discovered Marcus and the Hell Squad and now Treasure Hunter Security! With another sci-fi romance on the way… *sigh* I’m in heaven, so would appreciate any books. I can’t choose a favourite, because the guys are so unique from the Phoenix clan, to the THS group, with their strong women beside them. Maybe Marcus is tops, I just can’t forget him because he makes me think of my own strong, silent, no nonsense husband who won’t hurt me ever, but boy does he make me feel safe!

    1. You started off with my earliest sci-fi romances, Elize!! And I just love that you enjoy all my series and their heroes and heroines. Oh, and your description of your hubby makes my romance writer heart happy (;

  76. I love your books all of them. I wish I could afford them all but right now only have about half of your books. Over time I will get the rest. I can’t wait to read each and everyone.

  77. undiscovered would be my choice so i can start a new series and teh blurb caught my interest as soon as i saw it^^;;

    thank you a lot for making this open to international

    1. Excellent choice, Miki! Oh, and you’re welcome on the international giveaway. I’m international, so I always make giveaways available everywhere!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! We’ll continue to learn more about the aliens as the battle heats up in the next books.

  78. I’m such a ‘Hell Squad’ addict. An August release of a new ‘Hell Squad’ book? Yippee!! Thank you:)

    1. I should have said in my comment that ‘a book in hand’ is beyond my eyes anymore so I won’t ask to be in the giveaway. I have donated all my books and just read E Books these days. I can make the font as big as I need.

      1. Hi Diane! So glad you’re excited for the next Hell Squad! A lot of Hell Squad addicts around here. I read everything digital now too, I just thought a signed paperback was a nice keepsake for readers. Oh, and I’m getting a new ereader for my upcoming birthday — so excited!!

  79. Hi Anna! I would have to echo Chris Wilson that I would love an autographed copy of Marcus because this book introduced me to your fabulous writing!

    But if I had to choose from your pic, I’d say Shaw because this couple had been “a long time coming” in this series and you left us hanging when Claudia was taken. I waited in eager anticipation for their story, and of course, you did not disappoint me. :o)

    1. Hi Celia — thank you! I felt terrible when I ended with Claudia taken by the aliens…but as always, I promise a happy ending for my heroes and heroines (-:

  80. Such a difficult decision. I want them all…I’m having a tough time deciding between Undiscovered and Roth. I guess if I should win, I’d most love Undiscovered…(or would I???? LOL). Thank you for all you do.

  81. Ann Marie Edwards

    Marcus and roth were my very very favourite, but i loved all Marcus started me off and left me searching and getting the rest even putting it in my wish list on Amazon to remind me which one i am looking for. I really enjoy all your books.

    1. So glad you enjoy my books, Ann Marie! I love hearing from all these readers who love Marcus and Roth — our rough, tough squad leaders (-:

  82. I have all your Hell Squad books also have Time Thief ans at Stars End ( love love love). I think my favorite is Holmes just speaks to me. Your books keeps this 66 year old woman a live. Thank you for all your hard work for your readers.

    1. Aww, thank you, Brenda, I’m so touched! I am so grateful for all the wonderful readers like you who enjoy my stories. Holmes will be coming in paperback very soon — and I’ll have to do another giveaway then (;

  83. Your new series(Undiscovered, etc.) is definitely my favorite followed closely by the Galactic Phoenix brothers stories. But I have to admit that the margin is small between the series. I’ve enjoyed all your books. I would be happy to receive any of them.

  84. Love all your books Anna but got to say love Shaw the best from hell squad. He is just soo dang hot and yummy could just eat him up lol. Him and Claudia are just so funny and hot together just got to love them 🙂

    1. Thanks a bunch, Terri! I just love the interaction between Shaw and Claudia. I’m polishing Finn today and there is a scene with Shaw (just one tiny line) that had my editor laughing.

  85. i’ll have to stick with Among Galactic Ruins. as i said on the facebook competition it was the first of your book’s that i read, and it introduced me to the awesome Phoenix Adventres series.

    1. Thank you! My space treasure hunters hold a special place in my heart — when I wrote At Star’s End, I had no idea where that series would go or how much fun I’d have with it.

  86. Sandy la chapelle

    Love all the books but if I had to choose one it would be Shaw. What can I say… Love him and Claudia.

  87. Marcus introduced me to you. At the time there were only 3 Hell Squad books out. I read all of them in a day because I couldn’t put them down. Now I’m quick to one-click anything with your name on it. 🙂 I collect signed copies of the books that either introduce me to a beloved author or had the greatest impact on my heart. In this case it’s too hard to separate individual books in the series due to the amazing inter-connectedness you’ve created. So, for Hell Squad, I’d love to have Marcus in my collection as the book that started it all. I know he’s not in the group above so I’d be happy with any of them.

    1. Lovely, kind words, Christina, thank you! I can’t believe how far the Hell Squad series has come and it all started with Marcus.

  88. Such a difficult choice as I love all of your books, but I guess I would choose Undiscovered. It is the first of that series and I absolutely love all the historical, mythological, and supernatural tie-ins…on top of the steamy scenes and well -developed characters and story line. You’re an awesome author to read and I’m glad I’ve had the chance.

    1. Thank you so much, Lisa! I am having a blast with the Treasure Hunter Security series, mixing all those things you mentioned. Can’t wait for Morgan’s adventure!!

  89. Thank you for the chance to get a signed copy of your book. If I win, I’d like to get Noah, haven’t read it yet. Love reading your books, especially the Phoenix adventures.

  90. I’m so glad your getting paperbacks. I absolutely love Hell Squad and Phoenix Adventures. Your other series are great too. I admire your creativity and imagination. Keep up the great work. If I am one of the lucky winners, I would like a copy of Noah.

    1. Thanks, Linda. I’m working to get the paperbacks available and I have some Hell Squad audiobooks in the works too, which is all exciting! And as long as I keep having fun, interesting story ideas, there will be lots more books to come (-:

  91. I would love to win the Gabe’s book. Sadly, I connected his character on a personal level and understood quite a few choices he made. I immensely enjoyed Gabe and Emerson’s story, struggles and all. Thank you for writing this series!

    1. I have some paperbacks of Gabe, Cherie. So glad you enjoyed his and Emerson’s story. I really have a soft spot for that tough guy!

  92. I would like Uncharted, since it is the only one of the series I do not have – yet. I love your books! Women writing sci-fi always have a different perspective then men, and I have long been a fan of those who broke through – Patricia McKillip, Zenna Henderson, Octavia Butler, Ursula K. McGuin, Anne McCaffrey – let’s go, ladies!

    1. Thanks a bunch, Freda! Glad you love my books. There are some fabulous female sci-fi writers. I’ve come to my writing mostly from romance so haven’t read all those authors you mentioned. I’ll have to check them out!

  93. Tracie Everett

    Took me a minute to get to writing this…had to close my mouth and wipe off the drool after ogling Finn’s cover. It must be exhausting looking through all those hot-man-pics to choose the right one, but you’re spot-on every time! Thanks for that. I’ve said it before and I’ll echo the others in dreaming of the day they make Hell Squad into a TV series. Just in case any producers are reading this ?. Just so you know, I’ve become a bit of a stalker, in that I’ve read every book I can find that you’ve written. You are amazingly talented and I thank you for sharing that talent with the world.

    As a choice for the giveaway, I’d love a copy of Among Galactic Ruins. I’d prefer Marcus, if you have an extra.

    Happy Winter from Texas…where it’s 110°F in the shade. ?


    1. LOL, Tracie. Glad you like Finn! Yes, I’m really working hard looking at all those hot-man pics to find the right ones for the covers. A tough job but someone has to do it (; And I keep waiting for some producer to get in touch and tell me they want to put Hell Squad on the screen!! My fingers are all crossed. Stalkers like you, who love my books, are always welcome around here!! I absolutely have a copy of Marcus that could head to Texas. Stay cool!

  94. Pick just one?! Oh man, that’s… It’s just… Diabolical! 🙂 Ruins is the only one listed that I’ve read so far, but I’ve read and loved a LOT of your other books, including the first few Hell Squad books… I’d be happy with any of these, but maybe the first Treasure Hunter, so I can start a new series? Gah! Decisions, decisions…. Sigh.

    Regardless of winning or not, it’s so much fun having new Sci-Fi to read! You helped rekindle a lost love for me. 🙂

    1. I am so pleased to hear my books rekindled a lost love for you, Colleen! And yes, you have to pick just one — I’m so mean (-: Well, you don’t have to choose unless you win…so good luck.

  95. Ok so where are these men in real life who are modeling these pics??!! Ha! Really enjoy your books. Appreciate the time and effort you put into each and every one.

    1. Not sure where they are, Kat, but if I find them, I’ll let you know (; Thrilled you enjoy the books. Happy reading!

  96. Among Galactic Ruins was one of the best Phoenix adventures and the most hilarious I’ve read. I laughed thru the whole book, well not actually, but some parts had me laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. Most short novels don’t keep you interested but I find ur books are the exception. Everyone u have written so far, only about 3 I have yet to read, keep u glued to the next chapter to find out what happens next ’til u come to the end. Keep writing and much success to you.

    1. LOL, thanks so much, Vinita! The Phoenix Adventures is my fun series, so I think more humor comes through there. Thanks again for the the lovely words — I’m smiling (-:

  97. Started off with Marcus as it was a freebie on Amazon and have been addicted to your books ever since! (also got my sister addicted LOL)

    1. Sounds like I need to put an addiction warning on everything Hell Squad (-: Thanks, Carol, and thanks for getting your sister addicted too!

  98. Stephanie Plucker

    I would like Uncharted Please. Read the 1st in Treasure Hunters Security and loved it. Almost as much as Hell Squad
    Looking forward to Finn

    1. Thanks so much, Jessica! If you win, you can decide which one then. And I saw you had a new release out recently — congrats!

  99. Hi, I would love to win any one of the Hell Squad. I have the previous ones that I love and I have a couple of the other books you are giving away which are great also. So pretty please could I win one of the Hell Squad. Thanks.

  100. Haha, is “all of them” an answer? I think I’d take Uncharted because I haven’t read it and I adore that series!

    1. LOL, Jen! Can’t have all of them but Uncharted is a great pick. Glad you’re enjoying the new series.

  101. Another sexy Cover that goes to a story that I know will keep me glued to my reader till the end. I relish all your books and never read sci-fi romance till connecting with you. Your witty dialogue, intriguing plots, wondrous vivid scene descriptions and romances always leave me wanting more; each story unforgettable. It is difficult to choose from your cast of impressive characters, but I am picking UNCHARTED-I so adored Cal and Dani together; loved Cal’s demeanor and Dani’s sass. I sort of connected with Dani as I too love photography and have made many scrapbooks for gifts. I also appreciate the intense research that goes into your stories. I have learned many things from reading your books. Truth be told when looking at the moon or stars I think of your books. Can’t wait to read about wild and sultry Finn-be safe

    1. Such touching words, Sherill! Thank you so much (-: I didn’t know you hadn’t read any sci-fi romance until my books — that is so great. Glad to hear you connected with Cal and Dani — I very much enjoyed their adventure. Fabulous that you love photography (Mr H does as well). And funnily enough, there is more research involved in Treasure Hunter Security than most of my sci-fi stories…in my sci-fi I often just let my imagination run wild but with the contemporary stories (with their real-life history) I have to do A LOT of research. Thankfully, I love ancient history (-:

  102. I would love to have any of your books, Anna. They are all great! I do agree with another post, the first one of a series is special!

  103. Among galactic ruin, because I haven’t read that one yet…the couple books I have read have kept me glued to the book…love them

  104. Melissa Taylor

    I think I’d love Amoung Galactic Ruins because c’mon, who doesn’t love a cowboy?! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

    1. Well, he’s technically a former galactic spy turned reluctant treasure hunter, Melissa (-: Good luck!

  105. I would love to have a copy of Undiscovered (Treasure Hunter Security #1). The Hell Squad series is my favorite so far, but being retired military, I would like to be able to revisit ex Navy seal Declan’s archeological adventures.

  106. Hello,
    thank you for enabling us to participate in that giveaway.

    For most, it would be a tough decision for me to make, but I totally fell in love with your new series Treasure Hunter Security and therefore it would be the cherry on the top to get not only the first book of it as a paperback, but a signed paperback. A first in all.

    It also helps that I love Egypt (wanted to be an archaelogist when I went to school and have some adventures of my own) and the heroes in the book are fantastic.
    And seriously, the cover is hooot!
    Not only the hunk of a guy, also the background of the book with a peek on a temple. The colors scream adventure, alpha and fun. I totally love it.
    Therefore it absolutely has to be Undiscovered for me.

    1. You are so welcome, Christiane! Thank you so much for sharing all the reasons you love Treasure Hunter Security and Undiscovered. I am having so much fun with this series. Good luck in the giveaway!

      1. And we enjoy reading it.
        It is true, you can learn a lot from these books about history and cultures. It is enjoyable to dive into those different worlds and I admit, I started to google a lot afterwards.

        Thank you.

  107. Loving these books. I look out for them weekly on Amazon. thrilled to see Finn coming soon, wish the pre-order was up but cant see it yet! More please. I’m as up to date on the different series as I can be and just love them all.. Thank you.

    1. Thanks, Donna! I don’t usually do pre-orders — they require me to have the final book ready about two weeks before release day. I prefer just to release the finished book as soon as I can for readers (-: But I always send an email to my mailing list as soon as I have a new book hit the virtual shelves. So glad you love all the series!! Music to my ears.

  108. The Phoenix Adventures series were my first introduction to you as a reader. And although getting Among Galactic Ruins would be awesome, I’d also want to try out your other series as well. So I’d vote for Undiscovered, since that’s the first book in your new series. BTW, Finn’s cover and excerpt has me really excited. Although I will need to start at the beginning of the series, LOL.

    1. Hi Michelle! I don’t think you’ll go wrong with Undiscovered (: Glad to hear you enjoyed Finn’s cover and excerpt! Hell Squad is a little gritter than Phoenix Adventures but still lots of action-packed romance. Definitely start at the beginning…Book 1, Marcus, is available for free. So test it out and see if you like the series.

  109. I am a Hell Squad junkie. I am also hooked on your new series Treasure Hunter Security. I have never read Phoenix Adventures so I would love to read that one. Love your books!
    Thanks for the chance!

    1. Another Hell Squad junkie (-: And glad you like the new series too, Angela. Phoenix Adventures have the same feel as Treasure Hunter Security…but in space! Good luck.

  110. Hell Squad is my favourite series. I hope they turn it into film/TV some day as the individual plots are great, the whole over story brilliant and so well written and credible. My personal favourite is General Adam Holmes. Like all Anna’s heroes he has a mind as well as a fab bod 😉
    Though I was lucky enough to find my own heart throb & hero in 1983 at uni, and he still takes my breath away even now.
    Thanks for writing such wonderful books, and not making us wait for years. I don’t know how you do it, but please don’t stop. As for the competition, your autograph alone would be lovely.

    1. Thank you so much, Lavinia! I always try to make my books affordable and get them out as fast as I can. I was a reader long before I was a writer and I hated waiting for my fav books (or when they were too expensive!) So wonderful that you found your own real-life hero (I did too!!) Adam is such a fan favorite…I think because no one expected him. He’d been there all along and no one thought he was hero material!! His paperback will be coming soon as well. Take care and good luck!

  111. If I was picked I would choose Undiscovered. I have all of the Hell Squad on my Kindle, love the series. It is such a turn on the “normal” sci-fi books. I would love to try a new series from you . Keep writing, but PLEASE do it faster.

    1. LOL, Karey, I’m writing as fast as I can! So glad you love Hell Squad and I think you’d enjoy the Treasure Hunter Security gang as well. Stay tuned for more books coming soon!

  112. I love Undiscovered. Who doesn’t like treasure hunting and excitement. I love the smart tough lady in the book. she is quick witted and the dynamic between the two is amazing.

  113. I would choose Marcus. That was my first book and that was when I fell in love with the series. That being said, I still can’t wait to meet Finn up close and personal!

  114. Good morning Anna 🙂 Well, you certainly started me on something with the Marcus Hell Squad book, the whole series so far has been amazing – not one book has let me down!

    I love all the characters, and the scenes you set are so vivid, that even being set in a future which has turned to ruin, you can actually visualise it… I love that.

    I’ve already got the first 4 of the books in paperback, so I would love Roth (number 5) to continue with my collection if possible.x Fingers crossed!!

    Have a great day!

    1. Thank you so much, Kelly. I love to hear how much you enjoy Hell Squad. And since you already have the first four paperbacks you absolutely need Roth (-: Good luck!

  115. Hi Anna, I can’t pick a favourite series because I love them all. I’ve always been an SF and F fan but had never read any with sexy romance in them until Marcus. Since then I’ve become addicted to your books and I’m delighted to hear that there are more Phoenix Adventures on the way( can’t wait for Dare’s story) If I were lucky enough to win a signed copy I’d love Uncharted as I’ve read all the others. Long may your imagination run riot!

    1. Thanks, Patricia. Glad Marcus converted you to the sexy side of things (-; And my imagination doesn’t seem to need anymore encouragement! Lots more stories to come.

  116. Although I love the Hell Squad series and the new Treasure Hunters series. “Among Galactic Ruins” #0 of the Phoenix Adventures series is probably my favoritest book that you have written. Finally Indiana Jones meets Hans Solo, Harrison Fords best roles, come together in a sexy new leading man who admits he doesn’t have all the answers. The universe you created just sparks ones imagination. And lets not forget all the unique characters, both main and supporting. There’s nothing not to love. So my choice has to be Galactic.

    1. Thank you, Carla! I loved reading your description of Among Galactic Ruins — so perfect (-: Indiana Jones meets Hans Solo is exactly the vibe of the Phoenix Adventures. Good luck in the giveaway.

  117. Hi Anna I would like to read Finn I am engrossed in this series and when I get a new one I can’t put it down you have a real gift please keep your books coming can’t wait to see what’s next. Super excited to read new hell Squad book ready to go to hell figuratively speaking!!

    1. Thanks, Sandy!! Not long until Finn is here. It’s an action-packed thrill ride!! Glad you’re ready to go to hell…there are so many Hell Squad fans who tell me they’d love to live in the Hell Squad world (even with the invading aliens).

  118. My favorite is Shaw love his humor and how he eggs Claudia to be a woman and a warrior at the same time

    1. Excellent choice, Wanda! Shaw certainly knows how to rile Claudia up. Those two were meant for each other (-:

  119. I have been intrigued with your stories from the minute I started reading them. They are always totally engaging and I always look forward to the next ones in the series. If I have to choose one person that stands out for me in your books it would have to be Marcus.

    1. Thanks a bunch, Mary! Glad you love my stories and Marcus! He (and the Hell Squad gang) have made an impact on a lot of readers.

  120. Congrats on the new release! They all look so yummy, but maybe I’d like to try “Among Galactic Ruins”. Thank you for the opportunity.

  121. I really like among galactic ruins, it was a really fun read and the characters were enjoyable. This book made me want to read more by Anna Hackett, I just couldn’t get enough. Its so hard to pick just one for a favorite.

    1. So thrilled to hear why you love Among Galactic Ruins, Natasha! And that it made you want to read more of my books (-: Good luck in the giveaway!

  122. Aaaaaaaaaaag! How to choose from so many awesome choices?!?!?!

    I stumbled into the Hell Squad world late one night and stayed up all night reading because I was/am so captivated by what you have so wonderously created. I LOVE it that I can’t anticipate what will happen next!!!!! Your incredible skill of immersing the reader in each adventure is so very refreshing and deeply compelling.

    You are one of my best reading discoveries ever! Thank you for sharing your talent with such delightful enthusiasm.

    If by chance I win, surprise me, please. After all, it’s a win-win.

    1. Hi Barb! Aww, your lovely words have me smiling. Thank you! So, so happy you love the Hell Squad books. I might have a little tear in my eye after reading your comment (-: Okay, if you win, a surprise it will be!!

  123. Oh in the southern part of the U.S. we would so “Bless your Heart” for making us choose lol. I really loved Holmes and Marcus love me a military man.

    1. LOL, Eliza! Yes, I’m a mean author, I know. Marcus and Holmes are two reader favorites, that’s for sure!!

  124. As I said in my earlier email, I just discovered Hell Squad and have read them all. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these books so any Hell Squad book would be great. The only bad thing about these books is that now I have to wait for the next one.

    1. Thanks so much, Stacey! Glad you’re loving Hell Squad, and I try to keep them coming as fast as I can.

  125. Hello Anna!
    I’m not sure if this is closed but I’d pick one of your other series to try: Among Galactic Ruins. On a side note, I absolutely LOVE your Hell Squad series. But I have to be completely honest, I didn’t really think Holmes was a strong enough character, nor interesting enough to have his own book…. but man was I WRONG. Holy heck! Hot, hot, hot. He is my absolute #1 hero. That’s some fantastic writing. ??

    1. Thanks so much, Shannon!! It’s so funny but Holmes is now one of my most popular heroes. I think new Hell Squad readers get confused when everyone tells them that Holmes’ book is amazing — I can practically hear them thinking “the boring, stuffy general?” Thanks for the kind words. And the giveaway is now closed and winners have been emailed (-:

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