31 thoughts on “A New Phoenix Adventures Cover”

  1. I pictured him as being older looking.
    This guy looks too young. If memory serves me I think Dare is the oldest brother isn’t he?
    I think as I get older they ALL look young! 🙂
    Nice cover!

    1. Just squint a bit, Terry and he looks older (-: It is really hard to find images that match perfectly. I picked this one because it gave the right “vibe” even if they both look a bit young. This is why I usually chop their heads off! And yes, I feel just like you…the older I get, the younger everyone else looks (-:

    1. Thanks, Lisa! Whew, and with these two, sparks really do fly. Dare doesn’t just meet his match…she kind of explodes into his life leaving a trail of destruction (-:

  2. Love it! I really appreciate how much you communicate with your fans 🙂 Every time I see an email from you, I stop everything and have a look-see 🙂 Love all your books ~ can’t wait for the next release!

    1. Thank you so much, Julia! It really means a lot to know you like my emails. I try *really* hard to send interesting things and keep things fun. And I always tell people that the best perk of being an author is chatting with readers who like the same sort of books I do!!

  3. I adore the cover! The couple are ultra hot! The space scene on the bottom makes me want to jump right into that world! Your covers are always so awesome! The best part is that your stories live up to those covers!

    1. <3 <3 Thank you, Christine. I work hard to make the covers shine, and the stories too (-: Glad you love the cover...and don't worry, soon you'll be jumping right into that world (in some pretty intense, action-packed scenes!!)

  4. Love the cover, especially the ‘world’ scene. When I read it (can’t wait!) I’ll just have to remember I’m not really skeeving on a high school guy! ;-D

  5. Great, sexy cover, Anna. You do indeed the best book covers. A great way to start my day. I can not wait to read Dare’s story.

    1. Thanks a bunch, Ingeborg!! Your lovely comment is a great way to start my day (-: Dare will be coming your way soon…

  6. Great cover but then a
    L the artwork on your covers are brilliant, will there be a pre-order link and will it connect to Amazon.com.au?

    1. Hi Pauline — so glad you like it!! Nope, no pre-order link. I don’t usually do pre-orders as I like to publish the story as soon as it’s ready and get it to my readers. With pre-orders, I have to have it all ready a few weeks before release day. But as soon as it’s live, I will let everyone know and I now include an Amazon Other link (which should take you to Amazon.com.au)

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