Hell Squad: Group Art Reveal


I am *very* excited to share with you another fantastic image by artist MyCKs. This time it is a group shot of all of Hell Squad!

Art Reveal: Hell Squad Group

Everyone called Squad Six the Hell Squad. She was never quite sure if it was because they were hellions, or because they got sent into hell to do the toughest, dirtiest missions.

Hell Squad Trading Card Giveaway

I’m giving away sets of original Hell Squad Trading Cards! FIVE lucky winners will be selected and the giveaway closes Thursday 2oth April 2017.

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More Hell Squad Goodies tomorrow

Hell Squad week has a little more for you yet. I’m not going to give it all away but I’ll just whisper…*Hell Squad gear and merchandise*

24 thoughts on “Hell Squad: Group Art Reveal”

  1. You Anna are so awesome! Not only for giving us an escape with your amazing novels but for being an fantastic person with Hell Week and your giveaways! ♡

  2. Do you know I’m drooling over the trading cards. Crossing fingers, toes, and hair follicles here…

    Love Hell Squad series.

    Side note.. I would be interested in some reptilian art if you ever considered that. Being able to get a visual of canids, rex, and hellions that are being terminated by my heroes… Priceless.

    1. Good luck, Rita! So pleased you love the cards. A few people have asked for images of aliens…maybe in the future 🙂

  3. loving all the new art work… captures HS perfectly 🙂 also really really REALLY loving the chances that you are giving us to win some great wee HS goodies Anna thanks 🙂 🙂 x

  4. The artwork is outstanding! I love the couple and group shots as well. I also love the idea of artwork in the Hell Squad “world” as suggested above ~ scenery and villains – haha! Thanks for making it real:)

  5. Mugs!!!!! Omg will it still be intact when it arrives in the uk??????? ?????. My tea needs a new home!

  6. Oh, Hell Squad group! First, my heart skipped, then, it started up double-time. Love, love, love it. Yay for mugs and gear. Sign me up!

  7. I love all the stuff Ive seen,but I think I got lost somewhere from being offline for a bit,is this stuff for a giveaway or will some of it be for sale? Because even though we are adults we still buy stuff like this,heck I bought a Tardis and Doctor #10 (David Tennant) of course keeping it away from my grandson has been difficult,I told him he will have to wait till I die,and he said by then he might have kids and then they would want it lol But I didn’t see if you are selling some stuff or what cause if you are Im buying specially if we can use pay pal or something so we don’t have to mail money etc,seems like it would be easier for you also so let me know!!

    1. Yes, there will be things for sale, Sharon. I will reveal all tomorrow 🙂 And sounds like you have a very switched on grandson 😀 And I checked, PayPal is an option!

  8. Love the group shot! I have really enjoyed the series so far and have re read a few times as well. ? Can’t wait to see what is in store next!

  9. Oh man, if I don’t win the giveaway I have to buy me some Hell Squad merchandise, that group art is awesome. 😀

  10. Really love your writing! The art work is fantastic! I can’t wait to get something for myself when you start selling them. They really help tie everything together so nicely. Looking forward to more from HS and your other series as well.
    PS My daughter loves your work to. I talked about it so much she had to read it for her self.

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