Hell Squad Gear and Anna Hackett Store


Hell Squad Week is drawing to a close but today I have a few good things to share, including the launch of my Anna Hackett Store!

Art Reveal

I have been so thrilled to share all the amazing Hell Squad artwork by talented artist MyCKs with you. Pics of me below with the original paintings — I’m searching for the perfect frames so I can hang all of these in my office.


Anna Hackett Store

I am so excited to share with you the launch of my store at Zazzle.com! There is Hell Squad merchandise as well as some general Hackett gear: mugs, stickers, magnets, T-shirts and more. It is a work in progress and I will be adding more things in the future. Here are just a few…

Please note, the two phone cases are customizable — you can select your phone type from the list and edit the design to fit your particular phone!

Anna Hackett Store

Hell Squad Trading Card Giveaway – Last Chance!

Tomorrow I will draw the winners of Trading Card Giveaway! FIVE lucky winners will be selected and the giveaway closes Thursday 2oth April 2017.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tomorrow: Trading Card Winners

Tomorrow will my last Hell Squad Week post. I’ll be announcing the winners of the Hell Squad Trading Cards…and if you aren’t a lucky winner, well, I might just share how you can still grab a set for yourself! I’ll also be sharing some amazing Hell Squad fan art as well.

13 thoughts on “Hell Squad Gear and Anna Hackett Store”

  1. Shannon Ferguson

    This is so awesome Anna! You have a great giveaway, cool painting and trading cards, and now a bunch of fabulous merch. I can’t wait to get paid and go shopping in your store!!

    1. Thanks, Shannon!! Mr. H has just put in an order 😀 And now I have more goodies to use for giveaways as well!

  2. Cool merchandise. Have to wait to buy tho. Need my siding fixed from those Fierce winds we had. Plus replacing my water heater . Sigh , such is life

  3. ana paula medeiros

    Congratulations! The store is great and the art is so wonderful. I bought a button of Hell Squad to carry with me…

  4. Sooo very awesome would love to have the shirt the most think if had to choose what would want most lol. Way to go Anna on getting some hot yummy merchandise 🙂

  5. Andrea Alves Da Costa

    Hi Anna! Do you ship to Brazil? I want a poster of the gladiators afterwards if you have, I want the guys with all the characters, including Zhin, Vek, Rillian, Cosair and Magnus

    1. Hi Andrea! Zazzle is the site where I sell all the gear. I just checked and they do ship to Brazil!! But just check prices when you order to make sure it is not too expensive.

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