Hell Squad Trading Cards

Hell Squad Trading Card Giveaway Winners

I am thrilled to announce that the lucky winners of the trading cards are:

  • Terri K
  • Lauryn
  • Jennifer B
  • Tracey P
  • Stephanie P

Thanks to everyone who entered. If you didn’t win and need a set of cards for yourself (quite a few people have already informed me of this!) you are in luck! The amazing artist of the cards, MyCKs, has made the cards available in her Etsy store.

And while you’re there, you should take a look at all her amazing sumi-style artwork. Mr. H is the proud owner of a set of Star Wars sumi prints! Her work is simply amazing.

MyCKs Etsy Store

MyCKs Hell Squad Cards

MyCKs Website

Hell Squad Fan Art

I’ll be finishing off Hell Squad Week with one last amazing custom picture. This fan art was done by a Hell Squad fan, Lyn Taylor! It is called Heading Home.

Now, Lyn isn’t just an awesome reader who dabbles in design and art, she is in fact the cover artist and photographic illustrator at Lyn Taylor Designs. You can check out more of her awesome work at her website.

Lyn Taylor Designs

I hope you’ve enjoyed Hell Squad Week! I have had a blast. Hell Squad: Theron will be out in just over a week! Stay tuned for some teasers on my Facebook page next week.

Hell Squad: Theron

Release Date: May 2nd

Hell Squad Sci-fi Romance

Excerpt from Hell Squad: Devlin (featuring Theron)

(Warning: Sexy scene ahead!)

Theron hated parties. There were too many people doing too much talking.

He took a long drag of his beer and watched everyone rushing toward Santha. Doc Emerson whisked her out of the Garden, a frantic-looking Cruz at her side.

Theron suspected the man would have looked calmer if he was heading off to face ten raptor patrols. Marcus and Elle followed, trying to calm Cruz.

Somewhere behind Theron, music started. He scowled. Music meant people would start dancing soon. He hated dancing.

Restless, he took another sip of homebrewed beer. He felt an edginess riding him, a feeling that had been growing in him for months.

What he needed was a good fuck. It’d been too long since he’d plowed himself inside a woman, and after the wild fight two weeks ago, the raptors had been quiet. He hadn’t even been able to work this gnawing frustration out in a good fight. His hands tightened on his bottle. He needed…something.

But he had certain tastes, and he hadn’t found anyone here who really suited him.

But he knew what he wanted. Or, rather, who he wanted.

His eyes tracked over the crowd and settled on her.

He shouldn’t want her, for a lot of different reasons. But the main one was that she was pretty and kind and sweet. If she knew the dark little fantasies he jacked off to about her in the middle of the night, she’d freak out.

Feeling even more unsettled, Theron slammed his glass down and headed out of the Garden. He couldn’t handle the party anymore. As he walked through the tunnels back toward his room, his skin burned, need rising in him like a hungry beast.

He’d watched Marcus claim his woman, he’d seen the way Taylor and Devlin looked at each other, not to mention Roth and Avery. Everyone was pairing up, but Theron knew he’d never find a woman who was a perfect fit for him.

The tunnels were thankfully empty, with everyone up at the party, so no one was around to see the thunderclouds on his face.

He slammed into his room, the need brewing in his veins—the need that had been growing for months—was starting to bubble over.[toggle title=’Click for More Excerpt’]

In the center of the room, he opened his trousers and pulled out his cock. Instantly, he started stroking himself.

And he imagined Sienna.

He groaned, his hand moving faster, rougher.

His friend. His squad mate. He’d denied it, ignored it, fantasized about it.

Nothing had worked. Right now, he imagined her sinking to her knees in front of him. Ready to do whatever he wanted. Whatever he ordered.

Another groan tore from his throat. His impending orgasm was coiling at the base of his spine. A few more hard pulls, and he came with a harsh cry. “Sienna.”

Chest heaving like bellows, he hissed air in and out.

A noise. Near the door.

He turned his head.

The door was ajar, but there was no one there.

He sighed, stuffing himself back into his trousers. He moved to the door and closed it, that wired, hungry feeling already coming back again. He’d barely taken the edge off.

He knew he’d better clean up and get back to the party before he was missed. His squad members were nothing, if not persistent. They’d hunt him down and drag him back.

It was time to get back to controlling his desires, denying himself the woman he wanted most.[/toggle]

4 thoughts on “Hell Squad Trading Cards”

    1. No, Stephanie, sorry! A very similar surname to yours. Darn, sorry if you got excited!! I should have noted that all the winners have received emails.

  1. Hey Anna (and all your fans 🙂
    I was just perusing your Home page and saw your list of favorite shows ~ just wanted to recommend Farscape and Firefly in the unlikely event that you haven’t seen those yet 🙂
    Thanks for all your exciting books and for launching your store! I’ve re-read Hell Squad and Gladiator series and am now enjoying them on audio! Waiting (im)patiently for Theron 🙂
    PS Love the pic of your family in lovely Australia ~ I’m writing from my house in the woods in Michigan 🙂
    God bless ~~

    1. Hi Julia! Theron is nearly here! I’m so excited to share him with the Hell Squad readers…still waters run deep with this hero 😉 I *love* Firefly and I somehow missed Farscape when it was big but have seen it now. SO glad to hear you’re grabbing the audiobooks — I’m so thrilled with how they turned out and more are on the way. Waving from Australia!

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