You name the Barbarian Moons

I’m having a bit of fun and letting my readers help choose the names of the two moons of the barbarian warrior world of Markaria!

So, in the upcoming Phoenix Adventures book, Lost in Barbarian Space (out in a few weeks!) the two moons of Markaria play an important part in the story. In my draft, they are *cough* Moon 1 and Moon 2. I’ve brainstormed a few names, but now you can help choose the final ones.

One moon is a small, rocky moon (like ours) and the other moon is a larger, icy moon. The names I’ve brainstormed are all related to warriors of ancient Earth! There’s also a spot to enter your own suggestion if you have a good one (completely anonymous!) Oh, and multiple selections are allowed!

If you have any trouble with the poll above, you can check out the direct link here. Poll is open for approximately one week, until the 14th of April, 2016.

18 thoughts on “You name the Barbarian Moons”

  1. Jannali and Alkina (Australian Aboriginal names for moon)
    Gunda (Australian Aboriginal name for warrior)
    Jannaligunda and Gundalkina (A mix of the two – moon warrior and warrior moon)

    1. Awesome suggestions, Linda! Love the Australian Aboriginal names. Thank you. I’ve had so many good ideas via the poll and email. I don’t know how I’ll choose!

  2. I think the names of the moons should be totally different and not based on any type of name related to Earth. I vote for Leemira and Lonnu

      1. The other one I submitted was Kalex.
        (KarenA1exander. It’s me 😉 lol.

        I also voted for Ansar. Sounds like a large moon to me!

        1. Ooh, Kalex is cool too. That could be a sci-fi character name too! Yeah, Ansar just popped for me. So many good choices…

  3. I chose Myrine and Boudica. What can I say, I have a thing for warrior queens. Lol.

    Can’t wait for your latest release!

    1. I’m with you, Liz — warrior queens rock. Hmm, warrior queen…uh oh, think you’ve stirred a story idea. Not long now to release!

    1. I like Cuchullain! Thanks for the suggestions, Kathleen. I’ll be announcing the names on release day — and I now have a great list of suggestions to use in future books (-:

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