Science Fiction Romance Author: KM Fawcett

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February is Science Fiction Romance Author Month here at my blog! Each day, I’ll be showcasing a different sci-fi romance author. Learn more about these great authors, their style of science fiction romance and their latest releases. Enjoy!


Hi Res FearlessWelcome to KM!

Describe your SFR writing with 5 words:  I find it uncomfortable describing my own writing so I’ll give you 5 words that readers have said about my SFR. “Fantastic world-building. Gripping. Exciting. Passionate. ”

What’s your favorite:

Sci-fi film: Hmm…How can I chose a favorite? I will always love the original Star Wars trilogy (Empire Strikes Back being my favorite).

Sci-fi TV show: Doctor Who. I got hooked on the reboot over a year ago and watched every episode in about 3 weeks. My favorite doctor was the 10th (David Tennant). I especially loved him with Rose, Donna Noble, and River Song.

Sci-fi heroine: Dr. Elly Arroway from Contact

Sci-fi hero: Well, you already know I love the 10th Doctor so I’ll choose another…Han Solo! (Anna here: Hooray, I’m a huge Han fan!)

Spaceship: How about a time machine? Back the Future’s DeLorean, which Old Man Peabody’s son thought was a spaceship. Lol! (Anna here: time machines are always welcome)

Sci-fi weapon: The ARC gun from District 9. Only the Prawns (aliens) can use the gun because the technology works exclusively with their DNA. How cool is that?

KM’s website:

Describe your latest release in just one sentence:  Escaped gladiator Kedric wants revenge on the Hyborean rulers who breed humans for blood sport and genetic experiments, but when a sexy shaman is sent to heal his soul, Kedric must decide between attacking his brutal enemy or surrendering his heart to Myia’s love.

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