SFR Brigade Showcase – Cover Reveal of Hell Squad: Noah


I’ve joined up with some other fabulous science fiction romance authors as part of the SFR Brigade Showcase. Today, I’m revealing–for the very first time–the cover for Hell Squad: Noah, Book 6 of my post-apocalyptic, sci-fi romance series, Hell Squad. To check out all the other great posts from the featured authors, click here. Lots of sci-fi romance goodness in there!

Hell Squad 5

In the aftermath of a deadly alien invasion, a band of survivors fights on…

Join Marcus Steele and the toughest commando team fighting for humanity’s survival—Hell Squad. Battle-hardened soldiers, men and women who never give up. Heroes will rise…when they have someone to live for.

NOAH stars tech genius Noah Kim as he collides with a tough, red-headed interrogator dedicated to defeating the alien invaders! And here is the cover…

Hell Squad Noah_800



62 thoughts on “SFR Brigade Showcase – Cover Reveal of Hell Squad: Noah”

  1. Love the cover, Anna. I am falling way behind with the series, though. I’ve gotten as far as Gabe’s story, and am itching to get to Reed, and Roth … and now Noah. Love these guys.

    1. Thanks!! Don’t worry, they aren’t going anywhere, Lea! The unfortunate downside of being a writer is we never get to read as much as we’d like.

  2. Homaigawd!!! How hot is that cover? I love that you have both Noah and his lady love on it. I’ve been smitten by Noah since I first read this series. Please please please tell me that you’ll be extending the series to other characters as well?

    1. Hi Trish! Glad you love Noah and his cover. And the answer to your question is yes! Many more peeps from the Hell Squad world want their stories told (-:

    1. Thanks so much, Corinne! I am having a blast with this series. Funny to think it started out as one short story then took on a life of its own (-:

  3. Fantastic cover. As a redhead, I gotta love it. Looking forward to Noah’s story. It can’t get here soon enough.

    Patience is a virtue….but not one of mine!

    1. Yay for redheads! Not long now, Becky. Patience is a virtue I have on occasion…and am missing at other vital moments (-:

  4. Love the cover of Noah, and I’m really looking forward to reading his story.

    From an art standpoint, I really like the cover; however, I think the red background that shows up between their bodies is a little too red. It was my first impression — that’s all I saw at first! LOL. It kind of looks like a red flame. Maybe that’s what you wanted! Hot.

    1. Thanks so much, Tanis. LOL, I hadn’t even noticed that bit of red between them — guess we are all drawn to different things. Hot flames works for me (-;

  5. Michelle Morrison

    The Color scheme for all your books . Are very vivid and vibrant but the heroines hair on Noah cover takes this cover up a notch love it.

  6. Michelle Morrison

    I’m crazy about these cover color schemes really vivid and vibrant but this one , the heroines hair in particular takes it up a notch. Beautiful! I love it!

    1. Double love (-: Looks like a tech glitch. I am so, so happy to hear you love the Hell Squad covers — I wanted a really strong series look to them.

  7. Caught my eye, for sure! You can see the passion and it pricks the voracious reader inside us and demands its attention! I am already wishing I was the red vixen on the cover! Hot damn!

    1. Glad you like it, Laurie! LOL, I wish I had all that red hair, too…oh, and a sexy hero wouldn’t go astray either (-:

  8. Love the covers on your books. Really like reading all your series. But I think He’ll Squad is my favorite so far. Thank you. Can’t want til Noah is out.

    1. Not long to Noah, Debby! You’re allowed to have a fav series…I have a soft spot for Hell Squad, too — although, of course, I love all my series (-;

  9. Another great cover for the series. I like them all but this one could be #1 on the list. Keep who ever does your great covers. Your cover artist has a way of making them stand out when your browsing for a new book. I also like the price great for my book budget.

    1. Ooh, #1 – yay! Thanks so much, Nanci Jo. My cover artist is a dream to work with and I do some work to try and make my covers stand out! And I’m a voracious reader as well, so I like pricing my books to make them accessible. Happy reading!

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