Team 52: Cover Reveal and Box Set

They are a covert, black ops team known only as Team 52. Their mission: to secure and safeguard artifacts deemed highly dangerous and classified…and protect the women who capture their hearts.

I have THREE cool Team 52 things to share with you today!

1) An awesome box set deal for only 99c

2) The gorgeous cover for the final Team 52 book, Mission: Her Justice. Director Jonah Grayson’s book will be out in THREE weeks! I am *very* excited.

3) Signed Team 52 paperbacks to win!

So take a look at Jonah’s cover, nab the awesome deal of the first three Team 52 books, and enter the signed paperback giveaway.

Team 52 Box Set on sale for 99c

The Team 52 Box Set: Books 1-3 is out now! For a limited time, you can get the first three books in this action-packed series for only 99c.

So, if you haven’t tried this series before, this is a great chance to start the series, or if you’ve only read the books in KU, now you can own the first three books!

They are a covert, black ops team known only as Team 52. Their mission: to secure and safeguard artifacts deemed highly dangerous and classified…and protect the women who capture their hearts.

Get the first three action-packed military romances in the Team 52 series.

Mission: Her Protection

When Rowan’s Arctic research team pulls a strange object out of the ice in Northern Canada, things start to go wrong…very, very wrong. Rescued by a covert, black ops team, she finds herself in the powerful arms of a former special forces Marine with scary gold eyes. A man who vows to do everything and anything to protect her.

Mission: Her Rescue

When archeologist January’s plane is shot down over the Guatemalan jungle, she knows she’s being hunted for the invaluable Mayan artifacts she’s carrying. Only one man and his team can save her, the covert, black ops Team 52, and the distrusting former CIA operative who drives her crazy.

Mission: Her Security

Kinsey loves her job as logistics manager for the covert, black ops Team 52. She loves all the team…especially big, gruff mountain man Smith, even if he isn’t interested in her the way she’d like. But when she’s kidnapped by dangerous criminals after a deadly artifact, her survival depends on the big former SEAL who’ll risk anything to get her back.

Mission: Her Justice
Team 52 #8
Release date: 1st December 2020

Mission: Classified
Hero: Director Jonah Grayson
Heroine: Mystery Redhead
Artifact: Codename Leo

Cover Design: Melody Simmons
Photography: Paul Henry Serres

Excerpt from Mission: Her Shield (Team 52 #7) featuring Jonah

Jonah Grayson listened to the sirens echo off the walls as the doors to the large warehouse slid closed.

All the files and artifacts related to the Minoan Minotaur virus were now safely locked away in the underground warehouse deep in the heart of the Area 52 base.

He slid his hands into the pockets of his suit pants, nodded at Arlo standing by the door, then headed back toward his office.

The team had enjoyed a few days off, but were now back at base and busy with training.

He passed the gym, and through the glass window, he saw Blair kick Lachlan. The team leader blocked the hit with his prosthetic arm.

“No fair.” Blair landed on the mats in a crouch, rubbing her shin.

“Everything’s fair in a fight, Mason,” Lachlan replied.

The rest of the team was on the treadmills or lifting weights.

Jonah kept walking, a faint smile forming. He remembered when he’d first formed the team and recruited them.

Their military careers had been over for lots of different reasons, and they’d all been angry, unhappy, lost. His smile faded. He remembered how that felt all too well.

He’d given them all a purpose, and now, the entire team was in love, contentment shining off them.

That wasn’t a feeling Jonah was very familiar with.

In his office, he walked past the fish tank set in the wall in lieu of a window. Then he sat behind his desk and grabbed a file off the shiny surface. There were always people in Washington wanting updates, and other business to attend to before the next mission arose. It was his job to keep Team 52 safe and functioning smoothly.

Movement in the corner of the office caught his gaze and Jonah tensed.

A woman pushed away from the wall and he shot to his feet. He’d never seen her before. If he had, he’d remember.

Copper-red hair brushed her shoulders, and she had smooth, pale skin, high cheekbones, and brilliant hazel eyes. She was stunning.

And there was no way she should be in his highly secure office.

She shot him a direct look, like it was her office not his.

“Who the hell are you?” he demanded.

“That’s not important.” Her voice was liquid, like the smoothest liqueur.

“How did you get in here?”

“I’m here to give you a warning. Watch your back, Director Grayson.”

Jonah scowled and skirted his desk. He didn’t take his eyes off her. She was dressed in fitted black leggings and a black shirt.

“Who are you?” He stressed each word.

He already knew that she had no intention of answering him.

But Jonah wanted answers. Her identity, how the hell she’d snuck into his office in the middle of a secret, underground military base.

He lunged for her.

The woman moved like water, she flowed. She struck his arm, ducked, then punched him in the stomach.

Jonah grunted. He lunged for her again.

Together, they danced across his office until he pinned her to the wall.

Her breasts pushed against his chest and the scent of her hit him—something bold and woody. She touched her tongue to her top lip. Her lips were painted bright red.

“So, you aren’t just a desk jockey who wears a suit well,” she murmured. “You have some moves.” Then she smiled. “So do I.”

She whirled, slipping out from between him and the wall. She darted around him and landed a jab to his ribs, then another to his lower back. Cursing, he shifted and followed her.

He blocked her next hit, then tried to grab her shirt.

She leaped up and landed a huge roundhouse kick to his head.

Fuck. His ears ringing, he stumbled back and hit his desk.

Before Jonah could move, she whipped out a small length of rope from her pocket, and wrapped it around his wrists.

He went to roll, but she wrapped the rope around the desk leg and pulled tight.


He was now half lying on his desk and tied to the damn thing.

Her lips quirked. “You almost had me.”

“I won’t let you get away with this.” He kept his gaze locked on hers. “I will find out who you are, and I will track you down.” Jonah had the pleasure of seeing her hesitate, then she set her shoulders back.

“I’m actually on your side, Grayson. Trouble is coming. I’m warning you so you can protect your team.”

“I need more information than that.” He jerked on the rope.

He watched her gaze fall to his throat, where the top two buttons of his shirt were open. She looked distracted for a second, then she shook her head.

“I can’t tell you anything else. I shouldn’t even be here.” She pushed away from him. “Be prepared.”

“Wait,” he growled.

She sauntered to the door. He jerked on the rope again, and he heard the wood of his desk creak.

But she was already gone, slipping out the door.


Jonah lifted his leg. He always had a knife strapped to his ankle. He bent his leg, and gripped the blade awkwardly between his tied hands. He maneuvered the knife and sawed through the rope. It felt like it took forever, but finally the rope dropped to the carpet.

He shoved out of his office and prowled down the corridor. There was no sign of the redhead.

Dammit to hell, where had she gone? She couldn’t have gone too far.

He turned a corner and passed the rec room. Through the windows, he saw Nat perched on a stool, Axel beside her, his hand stroking the hem of her skirt. The man had a wide smile on his face.

Jonah stepped into the doorway. “Did you two see a woman come past here? Red hair?”

They both looked surprised.

“No.” Axel raised a brow. “You got woman trouble, Director?”

With a scowl, Jonah pivoted and headed out. He continued down the corridor and yanked out his cellphone.

“Edwards, lock down the base. We have an intruder inside. A woman, red hair, black clothing. She’s about five foot seven, and was in my office.”

“Sir,” the head of base security said. “That’s impossible.”

“I know it should be, but she was there. Pull up the security footage.”

“I already am.” The man cursed. “It’s all blurry. It’s still running, so it didn’t trip any alarms, but it’s impossible to make out any details.”

Jonah cursed. “Get Brooks on it. See if he can clean it up.”

“Yes, sir.”

Jonah jammed his phone back into his pocket and stopped, hands on his hips.

Who the hell was she? And what was the trouble that would put his team at risk?

He drew in a deep breath. Whoever his mystery redhead was, he would find her.

Jonah Grayson was a man who always kept his word.

Team 52 Cover Reveal Giveaway

To celebrate the Mission: Her Justice cover reveal, I have TWO Team 52 signed paperbacks to give away to TWO lucky winner.

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  1. Yah I preordered the box set and received it today!! So excited! And love the new cover. Can’t wait for the new book!!!

  2. ❤❤❤❤❤ I am so freaking in love with Jonah! ❤❤❤❤❤
    can’t believe this is finally coming! 😢❤😢❤😢

  3. Again another very sexy and classy cover that captures the eye and invites the reader (who is not familiar with Anna‘s books) to read the blurb.

  4. caroline brayford

    Love the series, sad to see it end 🙁 but so excited to see Jonah get his girl.
    To be honest, I would have preferred a cover similar to the previous books in the series but that’s just my preference.

    Thank you Anna

  5. WOW – Enticing blurb – love the cover – can’t wait to see Jonah find his forever love! I foresee loads of action and sensuous fiery romance. Looking forward to this read!

  6. New to Hackett’s writing, ordered box set. Looking forward to a new adventure already want to meet the mystery red head who managed to get in Greyson’s office undetected.

  7. I am so excited for Jonah’s story although I will admit to being a little heartbroken 2 series have ended this year😭 Oh but Anna has a way of getting you to fall in love with every character. The anticipation for Jonah has been killer!

  8. Just wanted to say thank you for your recent update and the excerpt. I am not much of one for the supernatural/alt-action scene but you might just change my mind. That scene is “so hot right now!” /zoolandermeme

    Also, super excited for another Eon Warrior story, tell us more, please. You can’t tease us like that and leave us hanging!

  9. Anna’s witty blogs are the highlight of my week! Can’t wait to hear Jonah’s story! A shout out to all the men and women that currently or have served their country. Thank you!

  10. Thank you for the chance to win a signed book. Excited for a new one in December and sad it is the last in the series. Have a Safe, Happy and Healthy Day!

  11. I’m so stinking excited to read this, but also want to cry because this series is so good I don’t want to say goodbye! I will be waiting for whatever you have for us next because I’m sure it will be amazing 🤩

  12. Ordered Team 52 Box Set: Books 1-3 and now will be looking for Mission: Her Shield (Team 52 #7) featuring Jonah beautiful cover. Stay Safe.

  13. Sad to see the end, but Jonah’s story sounds interesting. Already have the books, kindle and audible, but I will buy the box set for my daughter and daughter-in-law.

  14. I can’t wait! It’s going to be so awesome! I have loved all of your books, but Team 52 has a special place in my heart! ❤️

  15. That’s a hell of a sexy cover! I love a well-dressed man in a perfectly tailored suit, but a man who looks like he’s started to remove his suit (i.e. tie gone, top buttons of shirt are undone, etc…) is even sexier! Great job Anna!

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