Team 52 Cover Reveal and Surprise New Release!

I have two exciting things to share today: a brand-new Team 52 cover AND a surprise House of Rone release. Surprise!!

I have been so motivated to write knowing that readers are stuck at home, stressed out, or busy working in essential services and might need an escape in their limited time off. After I sent Mission: Her Shield off to my editor, I worked a little extra last week to write a brand-new House of Rone novella.

So scroll down to see the new Team 52 cover for Mission: Her Shield (this is Axel and Nat’s story and OMG I love this cover) and to see all the information for Guard (House of Rone #5) which also has another rocking gladiator cover (this book contains two novellas and a bonus short story).

I am also celebrating the cover reveal with a giveaway of signed paperbacks!! Scroll right to the bottom to enter.


Mission: Her Shield
Team 52 #7
Release date: 21st April 2020

Hero: former Army DELTA force soldier, Axel Diaz

Heroine: Team 52 archeologist, Dr. Natalie Blackwell

Cover artist: Melody Simmons

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Excerpt from Mission: Her Freedom (Team 52 #6) featuring Axel and Nat

The sounds of gunfire exploded through the room, followed by the rolling clank of a tank.

“Oh, come on!” Blair shouted. “I was in cover. You couldn’t have made that shot, Diaz.”

“I did. Your ass was hanging out, Mason.”

They were all in front of the big screen in the rec room. Axel had to admit, playing war games on a screen was a hell of a lot nicer than being under fire in real life.

He’d unfortunately been under fire in some hellholes in his lifetime.

His heart pounded hard for a moment and his breathing quickened. He missed Delta sometimes. He’d worked on the edge, defending his country, and he’d been fucking good at it. Someone had to do the dirty work to keep their country safe.

But he’d done his time, and besides, he was still defending his country by working with Team 52.

If he still had nightmares, he figured that was normal.

If he was still broken inside, he figured that was normal too. Some pieces never went back together.

Axel knew that he’d never inflict those nightmares on anyone else.

“Brooks, watch out!” Callie yelled. “Sniper.”

Axel turned his head and saw Callie leaning against Brooks. They were both grinning at each other. Axel let out a big sigh. They may as well have had a neon sign over their heads, saying “in love.”

Truthfully, he was happy as hell for them. And the rest of his teammates who’d found someone worth holding on to. Hell, Seth even had a baby on the way.

But it wasn’t for him. His mama would be disappointed, but he was never dragging a woman down in his muck. If he needed sex, thankfully Las Vegas was full of a variety of women looking for a good, temporary time.

Then he thought of big, up-tilted eyes so brown they looked black, and shiny, dark hair, and a face so beautiful it made his gut cramp.

No. His hand curled around his game controller.

She wasn’t for him.

But his mind ignored him, thinking instead of Natalie’s gorgeous body that she showed off in her tight skirts and fuck-me shoes.

He blew out a breath. Nat ticked every fucking fantasy box he had.

But they worked together, and he wasn’t shitting where he worked. He glanced at Brooks and Callie again, then he rubbed the back of his neck.

He wasn’t going to hurt a woman like that, especially a woman like Nat.

But fighting the pull of her was getting damn fucking hard. Especially since he hadn’t hooked up with anyone for…he calculated. Hell, a couple of months.

Get a grip, Diaz.

A chime sounded, and he glanced over to see Brooks lean down and grab his tablet. Then, the man stiffened like he’d been stung by something.

“Nat?” Brooks said to the tablet with a frown.

Sounds came from the tablet—screams, crashing.

Then Nat’s panicked voice. “Brooks, I need help.”

Axel shot out of his chair and raced over. He leaned over Brooks’ shoulder.

“Nat, what’s happening?” he barked.

The image of her flickered. “It… happen… attacking…”

The signal was breaking up.

“Clear it up,” Axel demanded.

“I can’t from here,” Brooks said. “Computer room.”

Brooks moved quickly, sprinting out of the rec room. Axel glanced at the others and then followed. They all thundered down the corridor.

When they burst into the computer room, Nat’s fear-lined face was up on all the screens.

“It’s attacking us.” Her hair was tangled around her pale face. “We need help.”

Behind her, Axel saw a large, modern conference room filled with chairs. Many were tipped over, and he saw that half the roof had collapsed in.

“Nat, what’s happening?” Axel yelled.

Her dark gaze locked with his. “Axel.”

She was so afraid. His heart thumped in his chest. “Mi cielo, I’m here. We’ll get you out.”

She bit her lip and another crash echoed behind her. “Please—”

All the screens went blank.

“Get her back!” Axel yelled.

Brooks tapped frantically on his keyboard. He cursed. “I can’t. She’s gone.”

No. Axel swiveled and punched the wall.

“Brooks, get in touch with the Greek authorities.” Lachlan’s tone was hard. “Find out what the hell is going on.”

“We need to get to Greece,” Axel said.

Lachlan stepped forward. “Axel—”


Lachlan watched him a beat, then nodded. “Everyone, gear up. Wheels up in forty minutes.”

“Twenty,” Axel barked, ignoring the curious glances from his teammates.

He had to get to Nat.

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House of Rone #5
A Novella Duo

Out Now

Cover artist: Melody Simmons

From the dangerous desert sands to the deadly glitz of the city, the lawless desert planet of Carthago is filled with lethal cyborg gladiators risking it all for the women who capture their hearts. GUARD contains two novellas and one short story all set in the Galactic Gladiators: House of Rone series.

Dark Guard: lethal cyborg Zaden will do whatever it takes to guard and protect beautiful, sweet Calla from mysterious attackers.

NOTE: previously released as part of the 2019 Pets in Space Anthology

Abducted from her homeworld, Calla Ryss has spent months in a cell, surviving her captors—the metal-scavenging Edull. Deep in the deserts of the lawless planet of Carthago, she knows that there is no chance of escape. The only thing that gets her through is her friendship with a fellow abductee, a woman stolen from Earth. But everything changes when they are rescued by the bone-chillingly dangerous cyborgs of the House of Rone, and Calla finds herself staring into eyes of metallic silver.

Zaden lives for the House of Rone. His cyborg enhancements help him keep a ruthless hold on his emotions, and loyalty is the only thing he allows himself to feel. And the rare spurt of annoyance at the cyborg hunting cat that refuses to leave him alone. But when sweet, lovely Calla falls into his arms, Zaden starts to experience emotions he’s never felt before…which is dangerous for a cyborg whose enhancements are in place not to increase his lethal abilities, but leash them.

When mysterious attackers attempt to snatch Calla, Zaden vows to be her guard and keep her safe—with some unsolicited help from a certain cyborg cat. But there is more at stake than just Calla’s safety, and as she and Zaden are drawn into an intoxicating storm of emotion, they will risk their hearts, their lives, and their freedom to rescue another innocent captive.

Cyborg Guard: on a dangerous mission into the desert, female cyborg loner Seren must act as bodyguard for champion gladiator Xias—a man who pushes every one of her buttons.

NOTE: this is a BRAND-NEW, never-before-published story

Seren dan Stal was once the pride of the Dan Nonian Warrior Academy, but when her people were wiped out by a virulent virus, she is the lone survivor. Now, her home is the desert world of Carthago, and she works hard to honor her father and her planet by being the best cyborg fighter at the House of Rone. She has no time for fun or frivolity, and that especially includes the always-smiling showman gladiator Xias.

Xias grew up on the streets of Kor Magna and lost the most important fight of all—protecting his sister. He vowed to become a champion for her and to never lose again. He commands the sands of the desert arena, is loved by the spectators, and would die for his imperator, Magnus Rone. But then he finds himself becoming far too fascinated by a prickly, dangerous, and gorgeous female cyborg.

In the desert city of Kaffit, Xias and Seren must work together on a mission for Magnus. Xias pushes Seren to feel, and she inspires his need to protect and pleasure. Together, they uncover a scorching-hot hunger that won’t be denied. Now, they just need to survive long enough to see if that hunger can grow into love.

Includes the short story – House of Rone: Beginnings

Soldier 47 is the most lethal cyborg in the Orionix Military Program. But when a young cyborg, Jaxer, is slated for deactivation, Soldier 47–also known as Magnus Rone–will risk everything he knows to save his friend.

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Team 52 – House of Rone Blog Giveaway

To celebrate the Team 52 cover reveal and the release of Guard, I have a signed paperback from each of the series to give away to ONE lucky winner The giveaway is open internationally!

Just enter using the Rafflecopter below. Only do the options you prefer!

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Happy weekend. Stay safe!

50 thoughts on “Team 52 Cover Reveal and Surprise New Release!”

  1. What a great surprise!! Looking forward to reading Alex and Nat’s story — the cover looks amazing, as always! Thank you 🙂

  2. OM goooosh, you are beyond amazing, surprising us with a novella!! And holy wowza, Axel and Nat’s cover is basically on fire!!

  3. One of the many reasons you’re my favorite author is because you’re not only a fantastic author and world-builder, but you’re also a genuinely kind and wonderful person. What a sweet surprise gift! Thank you! Being a nurse (or doctor, RT, PA etc) has been heartbreaking, and I wholeheartedly agree that your books are the best escape. I re-read Gabe (my fave!) all the time, and especially right now. I think, “if Emerson can kick ass as a doc in a post-apocalyptic, raptor-filled world, we can get through this pandemic!” Sending good thoughts your way as well!

  4. As always Anna you aim to please and you are one of the most lovely authors I know ❤ You really engage with your fan base, thank you!

    1. Connecting with readers is the best perk of being an author! Talking books with peeps who love my books — bliss 😀

  5. I LOVE YOU ANNA!!!! Thank you for giving a crazy busy and overwhelmed person a respite! I LOVE HOUSE OF RONE. And daaaay-ummmmm that cover is hot!

  6. WOW- you know I have a thing for Axel -Outstanding cover – love it. I know Shield is going to be action filled with romance that sizzles. Guard – is a fantastic read – It was great to learn how Magnus became who is now; great short. Congrats on the release. Hope all is well at home.

  7. Oh man! Thank you so much!!! What a wonderful surprise. I have had the intestinal flu for 2 weeks- as if there isn’t enough to worry about with Covid-19- and this is just super awesome.

    The cover is perfect and hot. It’s great for them. Thanks for all your effort and work you are a sweetie.

    1. Ugh, I hope you are feeling better, Carol! All other illnesses should be taking time off right now! Feel better and stay safe.

  8. Oh, Anna…. (big sigh) there are no words written to express how grateful, thankful I am for your talent. Especially now. As I am locked down quarantined in a tiny cabin an ocean away from my husband right now, your books are such a gift – you are such a gift to your fans. I am so looking forward to Axel and Nat’s story, but am always up for a trip to Carthago!!! Thank you so much for that. Stay safe, stay well!!!

    1. Pegge, I am so sorry to hear you and hubby are separated right now. That’s tough! Stay safe, enjoy those gladiator cyborgs, and know I am writing as fast as I can. Hugs.

  9. Gorgeous cover, as always. Guard was definitely a complete surprise. Keep ’em coming. Nothing to do but eat, sleep n read, or watch TV. State is in total lockdown with over 2,000 confirmed cases since March. Schools are now closed for the rest of the school year. Only essential life sustaining establishments are open, the rest required to close until further notice..ugh. I need a perm, a trim n some dye!!!

    1. Stay safe, Vinita, and happy reading. Looks like I will be growing my hair long (not on purpose but because I was overdue for a haircut and now I’ll be *really* overdue!)

  10. Amazing I’m looking forward to the cyborg prequel story. Just letting you know that the Goodreads link dont work in the giveaway.

  11. Only you Anna would think of your fans at this time. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!
    Love the new Team 52 cover and can’t wait to read Axel and Nat’s story. Already grabbed my copy of Guard so now I have something to read when I’m not nursing my daughter’s cat. (She has cancer, she’s not suffering but she cuddles up to me all day when Rhiannon works so I’m just looking after her until we do have to put her down)
    Love to you and your family ❤

  12. Yay! Team 52 are off to Greece – my fave place in the world. I am a Mythology & History Geek and proud of it! Ax and Nat are going to get a little adrenaline fuelled start to their romance!

  13. Love Team 52 and this amazing cover! Can’t wait for Nat and Axel, in Greece!
    Thanks for the surprise release!

  14. Love the cover, can’t wait for this one. Love Team 52. Reading Guard right now. Best stay at home past time ever!!

  15. Still don’t know how to do this. Get stuck on website which I do not know how to reply. Anyway I do like your cover and soooo interested in reading.

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