Unfathomed Out Now: First Three Chapters

Updated: Unfathomed is now available! Woot!

I am thrilled to announce that the latest installment of Treasure Hunter Security is out now.

Long, tall, and deadly Morgan Kincaid enjoys her job at Treasure Hunter Security. Raised by a tough Marine father, she loves her guns and knives, and never backs down from a fight. She’s yet to find a man who can keep up with her and after a string of first dates, she’s not feeling hopeful. Assigned to an underwater archeological expedition on the trail of a long-lost shipwreck, Morgan finds herself protecting the very hard, delicious body of a certain globe-trotting archeologist. A smart rogue with a wide smile and a boat-load of charm.

Dr. Zachariah James has information leading to a shipwreck filled with history and treasure. After growing up with nothing, he’s forged a stellar career for himself, but history is more than just a job, it’s his lifeblood. So Zach is amazed to find himself as excited by a woman as he is by his dive. Dangerous Morgan fascinates him, and he’s eager to see what she’s hiding under her tough exterior.

As they dive the azure waters off the coast of Madagascar, they uncover a sizzling attraction and clues to an impossible artifact, but soon they are under attack by dangerous black-market thieves. Among traitors, kidnappings, and ancient temples, Zach and Morgan will need to put everything on the line to have any chance at surviving.


Amazon is taking a really long time to publish Unfathomed (Treasure Hunter Security #4). I can only imagine how mad our heroine Morgan would be!

There isn’t much I can do, but I am really sorry for all the readers who have been checking for it and had their reading day ruined! Unfathomed is up on iBooks and Kobo, and I’m hoping Amazon will make it live soon.

I really felt the need to do *something*, so I decided to post the first three chapters here. Not sure if that helps or makes it worse…but here is some Morgan and Zach while we wait.

— Hugs from ‘super frustrated author’ Anna

Three Chapters Unfathomed

Action Adventure Romance

8 thoughts on “Unfathomed Out Now: First Three Chapters”

  1. Oh, Anna, I was so bummed and then you sent this absolutely wonderful gift to tide us over until Amazon can get their s#%t together. Thank you, thank you!!! The beginning chapters are amazing!!! I don’t know, but this promises to be the best THS yet!!!! I can’t wait!!! Arggggh!!

    1. So glad you enjoyed the chapters, Pegge! And I am *very* happy to announce that Unfathomed is now live on Amazon…finally. Woot!

  2. Anna just finished the 3 chapter gift. I know it is now available on Amazon but can you tell us when the Audible release is? I have listened and re-listened to all three of the THS books that I am jonesing for the next one. The wait is truly Unfathomable ???

    1. LOL, Maria. Loved your pun there 😀 The awesome Stella Bloom is working on Unfathomed now, so it shouldn’t be too much longer. She’ll keep working through the THS series until it is all out in audio. Stay tuned!

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