Galactic Gladiators Set: Books 10-12

Galactic Gladiators Box Set 4

Galactic Gladiators Boxset 4 (Books 10-12)

Fighting for love, honor, and freedom on the galaxy’s lawless outer rim…

When several women from Earth find themselves abducted from a space station by alien slavers, life becomes a battle for survival on a dangerous desert planet.


Cyborg: Scientist Ever Haynes was shocked when she was abducted by alien slavers…but the last thing she expected was to find herself pregnant with a cyborg’s baby. Ever has been fighting for her life since her abduction, and the only good thing to happen to her was one heated night with a mysterious prisoner—a connection, a flash of light in the darkness. But then he was rescued and she was left behind. Now, weeks later, she’s been saved by the House of Galen gladiators…and by the man she shared the hottest night of her life with. But cool, emotionless cyborg Magnus Rone has no memory of their night together and finding out that she’s expecting his baby is a shock to everyone.

Imperator: Space station security specialist Sam Santos has done one thing since her abduction by alien slavers…fight to survive. Thrust into a lawless desert arena, Sam has done terrible things in order to stay alive. As the Champion of Zaabha, she’s been fighting to find a way out. Everything changes when the Imperator of the House of Galen sacrifices his freedom to help her. The hard-bodied, fierce man has vowed to help her escape, but getting out of Zaabha is only the first deadly task they face.

Hunter: Hunter contains two action-packed novellas in the Galactic Gladiators series. In Desert Hunter, desert hunter Bren of the Corsair desert caravan will do whatever it takes to protect the smart, beautiful Mersi from his darkest secrets. In Alien Hunterhead of security for the Dark Nebula Casino, Tannon Gi, lets no one get close, until a feisty cocktail waitress explodes into his orderly lifeWhen he and Mina find themselves swept up in a fierce passion and a deadly plot, they will soon learn that nothing is quite what it seems…

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