Galactic Gladiators Set: Books 4-6

Galactic Gladiators Box Set 2

Galactic Gladiators Box Set Books 4-6

Fighting for love, honor, and freedom on the galaxy’s lawless outer rim…

When several women from Earth find themselves abducted from a space station by alien slavers, life becomes a battle for survival on a dangerous desert planet.


Protector: Cool and driven Madeline Cochran made a successful career for herself as civilian commander of a space station orbiting Jupiter…until the day it was attacked and she was abducted by alien slavers. Trying to survive on the desert world of Carthago, she also finds herself working harder than ever to avoid a certain charming showman gladiator who is far too attractive and far too tempting.

Champion: Space marine Blaine Strong enjoyed being a composed, controlled member of space station security…until he was abducted by alien slavers. Forced into underground fight rings and pumped full of drugs, he’s now seething with anger and out for revenge. Then he teams up with a tough, competitive female gladiator who not only challenges him at every turn, but awakens a fierce desire he’s never felt before.

Barbarian: Abducted by alien slavers, experimented on, and left blind, the last thing doctor Winter Ashworth needs is a big barbarian gladiator in her life, especially an annoying one who thinks she’s small and weak. Nero Krahn is a hunter, barbarian, and a gladiator. The scowly, brooding man is too big, has too many muscles, and pushes all her buttons.

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