Galactic Gladiators Set: Books 7-9

Galactic Gladiators Box Set 3

Galactic Gladiators Boxset 3 (Books 7-9)

Fighting for love, honor, and freedom on the galaxy’s lawless outer rim…

When several women from Earth find themselves abducted from a space station by alien slavers, life becomes a battle for survival on a dangerous desert planet.


Beast: Rescued by gladiators on the alien world of Carthago, starship pilot Mia is working to find other abducted humans who are still lost. But someone else also needs her help—the untamed blue-skinned alien who’s saved her twice. Rescued from vicious fight rings he’s fought in since he was a child, Vek is prone to losing control in aggressive fits of rage…and Mia discovers that she is the only who can calm him

Rogue: Rogue contains two action-packed novellas in the Galactic Gladiators series. In Information Rogue, arrogant information merchant Zhim doesn’t know what hits him when he collides with feisty human hacker Ryan. In Desert Rogue, prickly, independent human Neve doesn’t want or need any help…but a certain cocky desert rogue — Corsair of the Corsair Desert Caravan — isn’t taking no for an answer.

Guardian: Former cop Dayna Caplan wakes to discover she’s host to a powerful alien symbiont, and the only man who can help her is the mysterious and dangerous casino owner, Rillian. Now that she’s no longer a captive at the desert arena of Zaabha, she desperately wants to help find the last of the other human women who were abducted by the Thraxians. But she has to deal with the intense hunger and powerful new abilities the alien living inside grants her…and the person forcing her to confront her new reality is the cool, enigmatic, and far-too-attractive Rillian.

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