Science Fiction Romance Author: Michelle Howard

Anna Hackett Science Fiction Romance Author

February is Science Fiction Romance Author Month here at my blog! Each day, I’ll be showcasing a different sci-fi romance author. Learn more about these great authors, their style of science fiction romance and their latest releases. Enjoy!


TorkelsChosen-200x300Welcome to Michelle!

Describe your SFR writing with 5 words: sexy, passionate, funny, alien

What’s your favorite:

  1. Sci-fi TV show – Old school Star Trek
  2. Sci-fi romance book – Mine to Take by Dara Joy
  3. Sci-fi romance author- Catherine Spangler
  4. Spaceship – Enterprise
  5. Alien – The ones from Ripley (Anna here: I love those aliens too. So scary.)

Michelle’s website:

Describe your latest release in just one sentence: As trite as it sounds “the nice guy finally wins”

4 thoughts on “Science Fiction Romance Author: Michelle Howard”

    1. Hi Susan — I love Stargate too! And Star Trek…and a bunch of other sci-fi shows. So hard to pick a favorite. Thanks for stopping by.

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