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February is Science Fiction Romance Author Month here at my blog! Each day, I’ll be showcasing a different sci-fi romance author. Learn more about these great authors, their style of science fiction romance and their latest releases. Enjoy!


cover-mediumWelcome to Nicole!

Describe your SFR writing with 5 words: Space princesses save the world! (Anna here: Ooh, I’m intrigued!)

What’s your favorite:

  1. Sci-fi film – It has got to be Star War (A New Hope) – the original and still the best. Cassandra (the heroine of Loving the Prince) is a complete and utter homage to Princess Leia.
  2. Sci-fi TV show – Firefly. I didn’t discover it until years after, but by the end of I was grieving the loss of it as keenly as those who originally saw and loved it did. Mal, oh Mal. Man, I’ve so got to watch that again.
  3. Sci-fi romance book – Johanna Lindsey’s ‘Warrior’s Woman’. Was the first I read and I still adore it. In fact, it’s my favourite romance full stop. Having said that, ‘At Star’s End’ is a rollicking fantastic ride, Anna! (Anna here: Thanks, Nicole! And I *love* Warrior’s Woman too!)
  4. Spaceship – The Millenium Falcon. Is there any other ship? (Anna here: Not according to my 3 yr old)
  5. Sci-fi gadget – It’s a toss up between a lightsaber and the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver. I mean, the things that little gadget can do. But then, a lightsaber is so cool. Hey – imagine if the sonic screwdriver was the handle of a lightsaber…

Nicole’s website:

Describe your latest release in just one sentence: When your people are relying on you to see them through the darkest time in their history, when is it too late to realise the woman you sent away is the only one who can help you?

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