SFR Brigade Showcase: The Phoenix Adventures


If I hadn’t already made enough noise about it, the Phoenix Adventures won an SFR Galaxy ASFR Galaxy Awardsward for Most Fun New Series! And the Phoenix Adventures novella, Beneath a Trojan Moon, also won an award for Most Inventive Secret Identity For A Futuristic Gypsy (how is that for a cool award!)

For the SFR Brigade Showcase, I thought I’d share a little infographic to help you pick your (award winning!) Phoenix Adventures hero!

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Science Fiction RomanceAnd if you want more science fiction romance, check out the other members of the showcase!

1. Anna Hackett 6. Veronica Scott 11. Ed Hoornaert
2. K.M. Fawcett 7. Jenna Bennett 12. Rachel Leigh Smith
3. S. A. Hoag 8. Michelle Howard 13. ML Skye
4. Pippa Jay 9. Shona Husk 14. Greta van der Rol
5. Aurora Springer 10. C.E. Kilgore 15. Kate Corcino

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    1. Thanks so much, Heidi! I think the books are pretty cool too – an action, adventure, romance and treasure hunting kinda cool (-:

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